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Academic Advising for International Students

Enrollment Requirements

  • All international students are required to enroll in a full course load, unless they have previous authorization from OIS.  For international students, a full course load is:
    • Undergraduate Students: 12 credit hours per semester 
    • Graduate Students: 9 credit hours per semester or as determined by the program
    • ESL Students: 6 credit hours per semester 

If dropping a class will drop a student below full time, please do not sign a student's Drop Form until you have confirmation that they have approval from OIS 

  • Dropping below a Full Course Load can only be authorized by OIS under the following conditions:         
    • Documented medical condition Student can not drop below full time more than two consecutive semesters for medical reasons.  
    • Academic difficulty (Initial difficulty with the English language or reading requirements; unfamiliarity with American teaching methods; or improper course level placement)  Any student previously authorized to drop below full time due to academic reasons is not eligible for a second authorization for academic reasons. 
    • Final semester before completing their academic program
  • International students must be registered for a full course load within 30 days of the semester start date.
  • International students may take courses at other universities concurrently with SLU courses (to meet the full course load requirement) or over the summer, but this requires a letter from OIS.
  • Students may only apply (1) online course per semester towards the full course load credit requirement
  • Full course load requirements do NOT apply in the summer session
  • International students at risk for dismissal must be referred to OIS for immigration advising


Changes to Curriculum

The Office of International Services is required to report to the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) any additions or changes to Saint Louis University's curriculum or programs. Please keep our office informed of any new majors created, new programs added or programs deleted. 

If international students want to change their major, they must notify the Office of International Services.  The advisor of the new degree program will need to provide an email indicating their support for the change.

Leaving the University

If international students withdraw from the University, they have 15 days to leave the United States.  Academic advisors and faculty are asked to contact our office if an international student has indicated that they are leaving or have been excessively absent from classes. 

International Advising Support

Questions?  Each international student is assigned an International Counselor to collaborate with all other Advisors in support of each student's personal wellness, immigration compliance and academic success.

Employing International Students

International students are permitted to work on campus up to 20 hours per week when school is in session.  During official university breaks, they can work over 20 hours a week. The Office of International Services must have a letter of employment from your department before we can authorize a student to obtain a Social Security Number. An example of a letter can be found at International Student Forms page. More information on employment options.

Inviting International Scholars or Researchers to SLU

If you would like to invite an international scholar or researcher to SLU, your department should submit a request form to the Office of International Services and we will provide the immigration documentation for that individual. Please allow additional time when submitting these requests or requesting renewals of J visa documents. Also, the dependents of J scholars and researchers will be required to have their own documents.

Due to the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) requirements, the Office of International Services is required to maintain information on all J-1 scholars and researchers. Upon arrival to the university, international scholars and researchers are required to report to the Office of International Services the following circumstances:

  • Their arrival
  • Their beginning of their SLU program participation (no later than 30 days following the program start date on their visa documents)
  • Their departure from the University or termination of their J-1 program from SLU
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