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Activity Insight at SLU

Activity Insight, a  Saint LouisUniversity-wide, web-based information management system, enables the collection, organization, sharing, analysis, and presentation of critical data regarding faculty scholarship, research, and service activities.

Individual faculty and staff members can use Activity Insight to:

  • Search for and learn about faculty throughout the institution who share similar research agendas or who are interested in interdisciplinary collaboration.
  • Search for and learn about colleagues in all colleges and schools engaged in related institutional service activities implementation.
  • Collect and report on data that supports annual faculty evaluations.
  • Meet the information needs of specialized disciplinary accreditation efforts.
  • Gather and present data in ways that improve communication with internal and external audiences about faculty accomplishments.
  • Eliminate sections of the Quarterly and Annual Reports to SLU's Board of Trustees; eliminate entirely certain data requests from colleges/schools, departments and individual faculty.
  • Reduce college/school reporting required to support the University’s institutional accreditation and annual assessment efforts.
  • Develop and present on-line curriculum vitae for all SLU faculty in a common format to provide key professional data for faculty colleagues (internal and external), current and prospective students, and others interested in our faculty’s accomplishments.

Getting Started

Ready to get started?  Simply go to Log in, click on the Tools tab, and then click on the “Activity Insight” icon.  From there, follow the directions referenced on each screen in Activity Insight.

Questions & More Information

For more information on Activity Insight and the program's capabilities, please click here. (Please note: A valid SLU Google Apps ID and password are required for viewing this page.)

View the Activity Insight Google Site

If you have any questions about using Activity Insight, consult the Activity Insight Google Site or contact your unit’s faculty liaison. If you have trouble logging into Activity Insight, send an email to: