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Workday at SLU

The Journey to Workday Has Begun

In September 2018, Saint Louis University announced our selection of Workday as our next administrative system, replacing the current Banner system.

The move to Workday will provide more modern tools while enabling improvements to University business processes. Our goal in making this change is to strengthen the University by implementing innovative, best-in-class tools and processes aligned with our academic, research and patient care excellence.

Workday is coming to SLU. Learn more.

About the Workday Implementation

The Workday implementation at SLU is a complex, multi-year program to improve the way we make mission-driven decisions. To do this, we are replacing the University’s core human resources (December 2019), finance (July 2020) and student (TBD) administrative systems with a single, central, integrated system located “in the cloud.”

More simply put, we are creating a University-wide data source that allows our people to access information in real time through the internet. In addition, having the system “in the cloud” allows SLU to continually upgrade and enhance our administrative system capabilities as Workday regularly releases enhancements and new features.

Collaborative Solutions: Our Workday Partner

Workday at SLUSaint Louis University has selected Collaborative Solutions as our implementation partner. Founded in 2003 as a finance and HR transformation consultancy with a focus on higher education, public sector, and federal clients, Collaborative Solutions has consistently delivered value to their customers looking to adopt the latest technologies.

This project will have a tremendous positive impact on the community and on the success of Saint Louis University. As part of our pre-implementation activities, Saint Louis University Leaders engaged in a series of strategy meetings to ensure that this change aligns with our goals and our vision for the future.

An outcome of these meetings was a strategy map which outlines our guiding principles for decision-making related to Workday. The map also includes the goals and success measures for Workday as well as the value we believe Workday will bring to the Saint Louis University community.

Project Timeline

A project of this magnitude involves extensive collaboration. In the coming weeks and months, you will hear more details about the project timeline and implementation. We will keep you informed throughout the process.

Human Resources Module Timeline
  • March-May 2019: System Architecture
  • May-July 2019: Configure and Prototype
  • July-November 2019: Test
  • November-December 2019: Deploy. Go live: Dec. 29, 2019.
Finance Module Timeline
  • May-August 2019: Plan
  • August-October 2019: System Architecture
  • October 2019-January 2020: Configure and Prototype
  • January-May 2020: Test
  • June 2020: Deploy. Go live: July 1, 2020 


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Workday?

Workday is the leader in cloud-based, enterprise applications that combine a lower cost of ownership with an innovative approach for global businesses. Workday was selected based on functionality, usability and ability to meet Saint Louis University’s business requirements.

Have other higher education institutions implemented Workday?
Arizona State, Penn State, Iowa State, Cornell, Georgetown, Yale, Washinton University in St. Louis and others have either implemented Workday or are in the process of implementing Workday.

What are some of the benefits of Workday?
  • Workday enables 24/7 access to information over a secure network, supporting SLU's goal to become an increasingly global campus.
  • Workday's SaaS/cloud delivery model allows services to reach customers with a minimal number of servers, reducing energy needs.
  • Workday functionality offers employee and manager self-service, enabling faculty, staff and student workers to update or access their information privately from any computer or mobile device with internet access.