Google Mail Labels

A label is the Google Mail version of folders. Labels help you group messages into one or multiple topics. To create a label, follow these steps:

1.Click the gear on the top right-hand of your Google Mail screen. Then select Settings.
2. While on the Settings screen, select the Labels tab.
3. Scroll down, if necessary, and click the “Create new label” button.
4. Enter a name for the label in the “Please enter a new label name:” field.
5. If you’d like to place your new label under an existing label to further organize a topic, check the box next to “Nest label under:” and select one from the dropdown list of “parent” labels.
6. Then click Create.


Once a label is created, you can assign it to messages in your mailbox. To apply a label to a message, follow these steps:

1. Check the box to the left of the senders name in a message you'd like to label.
2. Then click the Label button on the menu bar displayed above your inbox.
3. Check the box next to the label you'd like to apply. Then click Apply.

After assigning a label, you can click the Archive button to remove the message from your inbox and have it appear under that label. (Don't worry! This won't delete the message.)

You can view all messages assigned to a specific label by selecting one from the Labels drop-down section located on the left-hand side of your inbox.

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