Pin Programs to Start Menu

When you get to your computer in the morning, do you open the same programs each day? Add frequently used programs to your Start Menu on your PC to save yourself a few clicks. Depending on the version of your Windows operating system (Windows 7 or Windows 10), you may see a Start button or the Windows icon button.

To pin a program to the Start Menu:

  1. Click on the Start button or Windows icon in the lower left corner of the screen and the Start menu will appear.
  2. Then click the All Programs item near the bottom of the Start Menu and a list of programs and submenus will appear.
  3. Open any necessary submenus to locate the program you want to pin.
  4. Place your mouse cursor over the program and right-click the program icon. A list of options will now appear.
  5. Click on the "Pin to Start Menu" selection.

That program will now appear in your Start Menu until you remove it.

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