Atlas.ti for Personal Purchases

This alternative stats program is available for university purposes on University-owned or personal machines. The University has purchased a set number of Atlas.ti licenses that ITS is able to resell to faculty, staff and students for personal machines. These licenses are purchased on an annual basis. The cost to for a personal computer is $85 per license per year.
Each computer will need its own yearly subscription:

  • Version
  • License dates
    • This year's dates are Feb. 5, 2018 - Feb. 4, 2019, regardless of your actual date of purchase
    • The price is $85
  • The Process for obtaining Atlas Ti for a personal machine
    • Payment
      • Payment of the $85 per license can be made in-person in the Academic Tech Commons in thevPius Library first floor, or online through the SLU Marketplace.
      • Upon proper receipt, ITS will install or update the license for the customer.
    • To obtain the full installer:
      • You will need to bring either a flash drive 2GB or larger, your computer, or you will need purchase a flash drive from the center to obtain the software.
        • The flash drive media kit costs starts at $10.
      • Not in St. Louis? No problem - ITS can ship you the software.
    • To obtain just the license file to update an already installed software:
      • You will need to bring either a small flash drive, your computer, or elect to have the license file emailed to you.
      • Not in St. Louis? No problem - ITS can email you the license file, no need to pay shipping

For questions about software purchasing, please contact the IT Service Desk at 314-977-4000.