Saint Louis University

SAS - Personal Purchases

This stats program is available for university purposes on University-owned or personal machines. The University has purchased a set number of SAS licenses that ITS is able to resell to University departments. These licenses are purchased on an annual basis. 

Each computer will need its own yearly subscription:

  • Version
  • License dates
    • This year's dates are Aug 1, 2018 - July 31, 2019, regardless of your actual date of purchase
    • The price is $125 for individual license
  • The Process 
    • Payment
      • Payment of the $125 per license can be made in-person in the Academic Tech Center in the Pius Library first floor, or online through the SLU Marketplace.
      • Upon proper receipt, ITS will install or update the license for the customer.
    • To obtain the full installer:
      • You will need to bring either a flash drive 20 GB or larger, your computer, or you will need purchase a flash drive from the center to obtain the software.
        • The flash drive media kit costs starts at $25.
      • Not in St. Louis? No problem - ITS can ship you the software.
    • To obtain just the license file to update an already installed software:
      • You will need to bring either a small flash drive, your computer, or elect to have the license file emailed to you.
      • Not in St. Louis? No problem - ITS can email you the license file, no need to pay shipping

For questions about software purchasing, please contact the IT Service Desk at 314-977-4000.