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In collaboration with an advisory committee of Saint Louis University users, ITS has selected and is providing support for Qualtrics as the next-generation survey tool for SLU. Qualtrics is available to all SLU faculty, staff and students.

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How to Access Qualtrics
How to Share a Survey
Qualtrics Features
Training and Tutorials
Need Help? Qualtrics Support

How to Access your Qualtrics Account

No request to ITS is required! All SLU faculty, staff and students are able to create their own Qualtrics account with the following steps:

  1. Login to the mySLU portal at
  2. Click the Tools tab
  3. Click the Qualtrics Survey Tool icon

Please note that you cannot log in with your SLU credentials directly at the Qualtrics website; SLU users must currently go through the mySLU Tools tab.

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How to Share a Qualtrics Survey

When you want to collaborate with someone else to create a survey, or you want to provide someone access to only view survey responses the Share Project feature lets you do this. For each individual that you share a survey project with you can grant them permission to edit the survey, view responses, and/or distribute the survey. You can share a survey project with individuals that are part of SLU or with individuals outside of the University.

Share with a SLU User by SLUNet ID or Name:

In the Share Recording window there is a field where you are prompted to 'Type Username or Email....' of the person that you want to have access to the survey. To share with a SLU user you need to search for their SLUNet ID or by name, not email address. Qualtrics has not yet been updated with the new email addresses since the migration to Microsoft Outlook. When Qualtrics finds the person, click on their name and click the Add button. The next time the SLU user accesses Qualtrics from the mySLU Tools tab your survey will appear in the Shared With Me list.

Qualtrics Share Project dialog

** Important Note ** If you search the Qualtrics address book for someone at SLU but they are not found, the person has not yet activated their SLU Qualtrics account. Ask the person activate their account by logging into mySLU then clicking on the Qualtrics icon on the Tools tab; once this is done the person will appear in the Qualtrics address book. Confirm that you have their correct SLUNet ID.

Share to Someone Outside of SLU by Email Address:

SLU users can also share Qualtrics surveys with people outside of SLU. The individual will have access to the survey that you shared with them, however they do not have a full-featured Qualtrics account so not all survey functionality is available to them. Please view instructions on sharing a survey on the Qualtrics Support site for more details.

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Features Available in Qualtrics

The Qualtrics survey tool is entirely web-based and offers features for building surveys, distributing surveys, analyzing and reporting on the survey responses. Some of the key features are:

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Training and Tutorials

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Support for Qualtrics

  • To request SLU ITS support with Qualtrics, please contact the IT Service Desk at 314-977-4000 or visit the IT Service Desk page for a complete listing of service desk locations and hours.

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Legacy Survey Tools have been Retired

  • ITS has retired the survey tools Snap and EasySurvey as of Sept. 19, 2013.
  • ITS recommends that SLU users migrate to the new Qualtrics survey tool.  This new tool provides an improved user experience for both the survey creator and respondents.

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