Saint Louis University

E-mailing Your Class

You will need the following information:

  • Subject abbreviation
  • Course number
  • Section number of the course
  • Term abbreviation

Let's suppose you want to email your Biology 3010 class, section 01, in the Fall 2015-2016 term. The email address would be BIOL301001_610@LIST.SLU.EDU

In breaking down that e-mail list, the course abbreviation is BIOL:


The course number is 3010:


The section is number 01:


And the abbreviation for Fall 2015-2016 is _610:


If your course does not have an abbreviation that is four characters in length, such as SOC1100 or HR1900, then you must add dashes within the course abbreviation to "lengthen" them to four characters. For example, you want to email your Sociology 1100 class, section 01, in the Fall 2015-2016 term, the email address would be The "-" takes the place of the fourth character in the email. For the email address for the HR1900 course, section 02 would be In this case, two "-" are needed to lengthen the abbreviation to four characters.

The term abbreviation in your class email is an underscore _ followed by the last 3 digits of the appropriate class term shown below.

The full 2015-2016 academic year has the following terms:

  • _600 Summer 2015
  • _610 Fall 2015
  • _615 School of Medicine Academic Year 2015-2016
  • _620 Spring 2016
  • _660 CEU Academic Year 2015-2016

Once you have created your email name, you can email your class from your Google Apps email account.