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Storeroom Equipment in Classrooms

ITS strives to make technology equipment as accessible as possible to SLU faculty. In many cases, the most commonly used equipment is already installed in classrooms.

ITS stores supplemental equipment in media storerooms in most of the classroom buildings throughout campus. If you need an additional item or a video from the media collection, it may be retrieved from one of these locations.

To Make a Reservation:

Call 314-977-2919 and press 1 to be directed to our receptionist for placing an order. To help ensure that the equipment/video is available for you, please call at least 24 hours in advance to reserve it. This provides time for our staff to locate an item that may not normally reside in the storeroom.

You will be asked to provide the following information:

  • Name (the name of the user)
  • Phone number
  • Department name
  • Department account number
  • Course number
  • Date and time needed
  • Building in which the class is held
  • Media or equipment needed

Storeroom access no longer requires a key. Instead, a combination key pad provides entry. You will be given the code upon making your equipment reservation. This code will periodically change for security reasons.

Media Storerooms:

 Building Storeroom

Cook & Davis Shaughnessy


Learning Resources Center


Macelwane Hall

MWH 102

McDonnell Douglas Hall

MDD 2095

McGannon Hall

MCG 130

Ritter Hall

RTH 225A

School of Nursing

SON 116

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