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Departmental Hardware Purchases

Saint Louis University and Dell Inc. offer the Dell Premier Partnership to SLU students, faculty, and staff. This partnership allows the SLU community to take advantage of special discount pricing on Dell laptop and desktop computers. (For personal purchases, please visit

Dell Premier Partnership Features

  • Discount prices
  • Several Dell model configurations (laptop or desktop) to choose from
  • Delivery to campus
  • Three-year and Four-year warranties
  • Next-business-day repair response time
  • Prices extended to SLU students, faculty, and staff for personal purchases (

Dell Premier Partnership FAQ

What is the Dell Premier Partnership?

SLU departments may purchase, at significant discounts, any of the laptop or desktop configurations customized for SLU. The Dell Premier Partnership offers three major benefits:

    • Reduced acquisition costs: Contract pricing allows for additional discounts when purchases are aggregated. 
    • Reduced total cost of ownership: The desktop standardization program promotes a total cost of ownership perspective and further reduces the University's overall hardware costs. Standard configurations will accommodate basic to advanced users. The total cost of ownership components include:
      • Repair service options that include on-site, next-business-day repair.
      • Certified disposal of obsolete hardware in accordance with state and federal regulations.
      • Access to Dell Premier support for Dell-certified IT experts.
    • Simplified ordering process: Reduced lead time by ordering standard hardware configurations designed specifically for the University and all available through the Billiken Buy system.
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Who can purchase from this agreement?

Departmental Business Managers have access to all standard machines through the Billiken Buy system. Within this agreement, University faculty, staff, and students have the ability to visit to purchase personal equipment at a reduced price as well.
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How do I obtain updates on Dell systems and the direction of technology?

Dell will provide on-campus sessions to outline product strategy with departmental IT personnel. All information relating to desktops and laptops will be updated within ITS.SLU.EDU webpages.
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What models are standard for SLU?

On the left side navigation, you will see links to the Desktops and Workstations, Laptops and Mobile devices, and Monitors and Accessories that are considered standard models for SLU. {Back to the top}

How and when can the standards be altered

The standards will be re-evaluated on a yearly basis based on the Dell roadmap.
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How do I place an order?

Perferred method:

Once the model has been selected, the department business manager is able to order from the Billiken Buy system on the mySLU Tools tab. Devices will be shipped to the University. ITS will ensure that machines are fully functional before delivering them to their respective destinations.

Other method:

Step one, obtain a quote by contacting Michelle M. Thomas at or Kevin Carr at

Step two, order the machine(s) by going to Click the continue as guest and order using the quote number and customer number within the quote.

If you have questions, please contact Michelle M. Thomas at  or Kevin Carr at

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How do I purchase an item that is not specifically listed through the Billiken Buy site?

All department business managers will have access to the Dell Premier Page to view Software & Peripherals. These items are available for purchase through requisition/purchase order only. 
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How do I allow for special delivery instructions?

Delivery details should be noted on the order form.
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What are my options for support?

Pricing for the standard desktop configurations includes a three-year or four-year warranty with next-business-day service. Standard laptop systems include a three-year warranty. Simply call 314-977-4000 and the ITS Service Desk will send a technician to visit and assess the problem. If a warranty support call needs to be made, the tech will make the service request with Dell.
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Dell Contact Information:

Higher Education Sales: 1-800-274-7799
Faculty, Student and Staff Personal Purchases: 1-877-377-0238
For the latest Dell information, visit the Dell Inc. website.
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