Saint Louis University

SLU Google email offers a built-in chat feature. The chat box is located on the side of the screen after you log in to Gmail at To get the most out of Google Apps, make sure you're opening your account (email, calendar, drive, etc.) in a Google Chrome browser window.

To add contacts, type an individual's username into the "Search" field inside the chat box and select Invite to Chat. If a contact is online and available, a green dot or icon will display by their name.

Video chatting is available to anyone with a webcam. For more information about using Google Video Chat, visit the Google Chat support site at

Separate from this built-in feature was the Google Talk app for Windows. On February 23, 2015, Google shut down the Talk app for Windows. If you try to use it now, you'll see a sign-in error. To keep chatting with your contacts, you can use the built-in chat or Hangouts feature in Gmail.

To use Hangouts you'll need to turn on Hangouts in Gmail from your Google Chat menu. At the top of your Chat list, click your profile photo, and click Try the new Hangouts. For more information on Google Hangouts, visit