New Gmail Features at SLU

On Wednesday, Sept. 30, 2015, ITS will be enabling some highly sought out features in Gmail at SLU. Included in the enhancements is a new shared SLU directory that will allow SLU users to search university email addresses in the To: field while composing a message. Similar to the functionality of People Finder, you will be able to see an option called Directory in your Gmail contacts and can search for university email addresses. Additionally:

SLU Directory Data Now in Search Bars

Wherever you search for an email address in Gmail you will now be presented with results from both your personal contact directory and from the SLU Directory. It should be noted that students have the ability to be excluded from the Shared Contacts listing. This request should be made with the Registrar's Office.

In a message:

When you are composing a message in Gmail, you will now see suggestions for names matcing entries in SLU's directory.  Compose After

In Hangouts/Chat:

Mail Search This will be similar with search bars both in Google Hangouts/Chat and in the Contacts section of Google Mail.

For Chat and Hangouts, you will continue to see the chat area below your email folders (on the left-hand side of Google Mail). When you start typing a name all results from both your personal contacts directory and the SLU Directory will be shown. Your personal contacts are at the top.

In Contacts:

My Contacts

Similarly if you go to your Contacts within Google apps to search for someone's information, you will see two groupings of results: My Contacts will be your own personal contacts directory, and Domain Contacts will be the SLU contacts directory.

In all searching instances, the SLU directory will appear below your own personal contacts directory.

Delegation for Gmail Contacts

You will now be able to allow other SLU users to view or edit your Contacts.

Access your Gmail account, then go to your Contacts. Select the drop down arrow next to More, and you should see manage delegation settings. Contacts Page
You will be given the opportunity to add your contact delegates so others can edit your entries. You can optionally notify these users with an email message. Sharing Settings

Restore Gmail Contacts

You will now be able to restore your contact list back to the state it was at any point within the past 30 days. This is a great way to recover deleted contacts, undo an import or under a merge.

In Contacts, under the More drop down arrow, you will see Restore Contacts.

Click Learn More for more details on this feature.

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