Privacy and Policy

ITS is here to provide every SLU faculty member, staff member and student a stable and secure computing environment. The questions and answers below detail the privacy and policy information regarding Google Apps.

Please also refer to the following documents/pages for:

  1. SLU's Appropriate Use Policy 
  2. SLUInfoSecurity 2.2: E-mail Policy v1.0
  3. Google Apps Policy Page
  4. Google Apps Privacy and Policy FAQ

Statement from SLU's Compliance Department:
Gmail/Google Apps have been created with the ability to uphold the strong privacy and security expectations of the University to ensure that compliance regulations of FERPA and HIPAA are met regarding the exchange, storage, and retrieval of protected electronic information.

Google Apps will enable Saint Louis University to significantly improve the privacy and security of confidential information that is exchanged electronically through e-mail. It offers 256-bit encryption and supports rule-based compliance of messages. It will also allow us to continue operating a secure environment with the Hospital's e-mail system, which exchanges messages encrypted through the Zix system.

The proposed implementation and architecture of Google Apps at Saint Louis University will offer significant resource benefits with noticeable performance improvements. Through Message Discovery, it will allow us to meet our requirements of archiving and discovery.

While HIPAA compliance includes implementation and operation of a system, Google Apps provide the environment and tools to meet those requirements.