New Google Sign-in Page

Google has changed their sign-in pages to look consistent. As of Tuesday, Feb. 25, customers who normally go to or to log in to SLU's Google Apps services will be redirected to Once there, customers will have to sign in with their full email address and not just their SLU Net ID/username.

The sign-in page will no longer have SLU's branding. Below is a screenshot of the new look. 

New Google Login


For more information, visit Google support.  

What does this mean for SLU's sign-in page,
SLU's sign-in page for Google Apps will redirect customers to a new sign-in page.

Will I still use my SLU Net ID to sign in?
Customers will now have to sign in with their full SLU email address (example: instead of just their SLU Net ID (example: johndoe).

What other differences are there?

  • No SLU Branding - The new sign-in page will not reference SLU or include SLU's name like the old page did.
  • Stay signed in - With this change, the "Stay signed in" checkbox will be selected by default. Customers should deselect this checkbox if they'd like to sign out of Google Apps automatically when they close their browser. Leaving this checkbox selected will leave the account signed in for two weeks or until they click the "Sign out" button that appears when they click their account in the upper right corner of their mailbox. 
  • Add your phone number - In an effort to improve account security, Google may prompt you to provide your phone number. Doing so will provide a second way to communicate with you in the event of a suspicious login attempt.

    help keep your account secure Verify Your Identity

Why did Google make this change?
The new sign-in page provides a streamlined and cohesive sign-in experience for all customers, an account chooser that makes it easy to switch between Google accounts, and security enhancements, including advanced bot detection and improved protection against account hijacking.

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