Billiken Secure Connect (VPN)

ITS installed new Virtual Private Network (VPN) hardware and software to replace an aging system in February 2012.

Frequently Asked Questions about the new VPN system:

Why are we moving to a different VPN System? What makes this the best choice?

The old VPN system is 12 years old and does not work on 64-bit machines or with new versions of MAC OSX. Cisco, the systems' developer, no longer supports the old system's hardware or software.

The new Billiken Secure AnyConnect Client works on 64-bit machines, with new versions of MAC OSX and uses a standard VPN connection and communications. This makes it easier for a user to connect and access needed information. Customers will also now be able to log in with their SLU Net ID and Password instead of having a separate account.

Do I need to request a new account?

You will need to fill out the Account Request form. Once the account request is approved, you will then need to install the new VPN software.

Where do I go for installation of the new software?

Once you have received your approved account retention email, you will need to go to, sign-in using your SLU Net Id and Password, and install the new client.

What if I am on a SLU machine?

Please contact your local ITS Service Desk, 314-977-4000, to have the software installed for you.

I have installed the new client but can't connect and it keeps asking for an address. What is this address?

If your new client is asking for a URL, please enter and use your SLU Net Id and Password for the log in username and password.

Is the IDX VPN account affected in this move?

No, the IDX VPN is not affected by this change. Customers who use the current IDX VPN account will not need to request a new account in order to continue using the IDX VPN. The IDX VPN users will continue using the same software that they currently use. The IDX VPN is not part of the Billiken Secure Connect Network and at this time will not be moving to the new hardware.

If I have an IDX VPN, do I need a Billiken Secure Connect VPN Account?

You only need a Billiken Secure Connect VPN account if you need off campus access to other SLU systems, i.e. Internet Native Banner (INB), R-25, Webfocus, or to connect to the University Network Drives.

Can I have multiple VPN clients and connections running at the same time?

A computer can only support one active VPN connection at a time, however, a computer can support multiple VPN clients installed. Currently IDX VPN users must have the Cisco VPN Client installed and use the IDX profile to connect. For connections to all other SLU systems users need to have the CiscoAnyConnect Client installed from and have their Billiken Secure Connect VPN account requested.

What do I do if I am having issues?

Please contact your local ITS Service Desk for more information, 314-977-4000.

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