Saint Louis University

ITS provides a variety of options for connecting to the Internet on campus. These connections allow faculty, staff, and students to access the Internet from both wired and wireless connections. ITS also supports Billiken Printing (for students), a VPN network, and remote file access for faculty and staff.

Please select the appropriate link below for more information about the Internet and network services available to faculty and staff in the SLU community.

  • Billiken Wireless - SLU's Billiken Wireless network is available to all faculty, staff and students on campus and can be accessed by "authenticated" users.

  • Resident Network in Dorms - Before students can access the Resident Network in their dorms, they must register their computer on the network.

  • Billiken Secure Connect (VPN) - The Virtual Private Network (VPN) for SLU faculty and staff that provides secure remote access to network resources on SLU Net.

  • Billiken Printing - Students can print from their personal computer to one of the networked printers on campus using Billiken Printing.

  • MyFiles - Remote file access for network personal and shared drives access through the mySLU portal (for faculty and staff).