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The current version of Instructional Media's ClassroomVideo service is coming to an end in August 2017. As part of the creation of SLU's Academic Technology Commons at Pius XII Library, IMC's Instructional Media Collection will be changing hands, and responsibility for copyrighted streaming media not created at SLU will be transferred to SLU Libraries.

In practical terms, what does this mean to you?

      • If IMC has been streaming videos you created, IMC will continue to host those videos and maintain your links to those videos.
      • If you want to continue streaming links to specific titles in IMC's Instructional Media Collection, please email Elaine Marschik at the specific list of titles you are interested in continuing to use. We will pass this information and the associated media to SLU Libraries. Library faculty will help you identify options for continued streaming; licensing, copyright, and budgetary factors will be considered in decision making.
      • If you want to continue streaming videos titles you personally own, or titles owned by your department, please contact your liaison librarian to identify options for continued streaming.
      • If IMC is currently holding any videos owned by you or your department, please stop by Xavier Annex at your earliest convenience to claim them.
      • If you would like your department to take possession of videos you had asked IMC to hold or purchase, please email Elaine Marschik at with the specific list of titles you would like turned over to your department.

We apologize for the disruption this change in service will cause. Please know we are not making these changes lightly. The changes are part of a larger effort to address copyright and media licensing concerns on campus, and to align our services with the best practices of similar institutions. In the long run these changes will allow us to provide more consistent access to copyrighted and licensed material across campus, and improved support in the Academic Tech Commons for the creation of new educational media.

About ClassroomVideo for Blackboard

ClassroomVideo for Blackboard is a video hosting service provided by ITS and supported by the Instructional Media Center. Videos hosted through Classroom Video have no ads, no distractions - and you control the distribution.

The ClassroomVideo system provides faculty the ability to share video materials they created with their students. Classroom Video allows students to view digitized videos through your Blackboard course.

      • We provide a web link that you place in your Blackboard course
      • Copyrighted materials are NOT eligible for hosting.
      • Materials from lending institutions such as Netflix or libraries (including Pius) are NOT eligible for hosting

For more information on this service, please contact Jonathan Grimm at

(updated 7/27/17)