Video Editing

The Instructional Media Center (IMC) has tools for recording DVDs, as well as a number of more advanced video editing resources available. Please keep in mind that powerful and versatile equipment offers more options - but also requires more time to learn how to operate.

The options available at the IMC include:

  • Non-Linear Digital Editing - If you need to modify a video beyond simply copying it, the IMC has resources for this. Adobe Premiere Pro is installed on all graphic workstations. These computers also have Firewire cards to interface with digital camcorders and external hard drives. A MiniDV deck is available as well.

    Be prepared to invest some time in learning non-linear editing. These systems can edit a variety of video formats and enable you to create professional fades, cross-dissolves, superimposed titling, rolling credits, music, and sound effects with voiceovers.


To reserve any of these resources, call the Instructional Media Center at 314-977-2919 and press 1 at the voice menu. For more information, contact the IT Service Desk at 314-977-4000 or visit the IT Service Desk page for a complete listing of service desk locations and contact information.

Though staff may be consulted for specific questions, in-depth training is not provided.

Updated 6/20/2016 DJS.