Access Advertised Programs

ITS sends or advertises software updates and new versions of programs to University-managed PCs through the Systems Center Configuration Manager (SCCM). The application is used for software distribution, security patch management, computer asset inventory, and remote control for SLU-managed Windows computers. Provided below are steps to:

Security and application updates help protect PCs from vulnerabilities and are an important way to guard against viruses. Most updates do not apply until the computer is restarted. It is a good habit to restart computers a few times a week.

To Access Advertised Software

When a new program or software is made available to your computer, you will see a new icon in the System Tray next to the time and date.

New Software Icon

A popup balloon from the icon will let you know that a new program has been advertised to your computer and is available to be installed.

New Software Popup

1. To view the advertised programs available to you, double click on the icon in the System Tray. Doing so will open the Software Center where you will see a list of programs that are available to you.

Software Center

2. The Software Center can also be accessed from the Start Menu.

Start Menu

The Software Center window shows all programs available for installation and the installation status.

Software Center


To Install Advertised Software

1. The Software Center window shows all programs available for installation and the installation status.

Note: Programs can only be installed one at a time. ITS will make every effort to make this process easier by combining installations wherever possible.


2. For advertised programs or software, the installation will end with a status message on the Installation Status tab to let you know the program installed successfully, and whether or not you need to restart our machine to complete the installation.

Software Center Install

To Access Advertised Security Patches

After the SCCM upgrade, there will be a different way to access advertised security updates or patches. When new security patches are available for your machine, a popup balloon will let you know. (Please note that it’s the same icon used for the new software notification.) Select the new icon and select View Required Software to access the advertised security patches.

New Security Patch

To Install Advertised Security Patches

1. To install all required security patches select “Apply all required changes now” and click OK. 

2. To install patches individually, select View Details.

Patches Software Center
3. By selecting View Details the Software Center window will open. Security patches now appear as programs to be installed. Select the patches on the left and select Install. Patches Software Center
4. When Install is selected, the patches will download. Patches Download
5. Once the patch is downloaded, it will start installing. This can take several minutes. Patches Install
6. After the installation, the Status will display any action required. Security updates require your computer be restarted to complete the installation process. You can select Restart or close out of the window to restart later.
Note: The Icon on the taskbar is now green, indicating a restart is necessary.
Patches Install
7. If you choose to exit the window, a restart reminder will come up. Patches Install

For more information or assistance, please contact the ITS Service Desk at 314-977-4000.