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School of Law Response to COVID-19

Media Inquiries

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Director of Communications, Saint Louis University School of Law
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Saint Louis University School of Law faculty, staff and students are called to action in response to the COVID-19 pandemic in a variety of ways.  As the world and our community comes to grips with the new reality, the SLU LAW faculty have lent their expertise across the region, with the media and our local government. Their scholarship continues to provide guidance in a time of uncertainty.

Professor Rob Gatter

Rob Gatter

Professor, Center for Health Law Studies
Expert in public health and quarantine procedure 

In mid March, Professor Gatter was appointed to a task force in St. Louis County to assist with the development of quarantine policies. Read more

Professor Gatter and Professor Ana Santos Rutschman wrote an opinion piece for the St. Louis Post Dispatch on quarantine policies. 

Professor Gatter presented "Are Coronavirus Restrictions Constitutional?" at the Isolated by Law Symposium held by Wake Forest Law.

Professor Gatter was quoted in the following articles:

Why aren’t southwestern Illinois officials releasing more about coronavirus patients?, Belleville News Democrat.

'We Want To Have People On The Record': SLU Pandemic Researcher On Quarantine Procedure, St. Louis Public Radio.

African Americans More Likely To Contract Coronavirus In St. Louis County, St. Louis Public Radio.

As governments move toward reopening across St. Louis, some businesses and legal experts embrace cautionSt. Louis Post Dispatch

Newest Twist in Racial Profiling: ‘Wearing a Mask While Black’, The Crime Report

COVID-19, Mask Requirements, and Racial Discrimination, The Harvard Law Blog

For a full listing of Professor Gatter's contributions relating to COVID-19

Ana Santos Rutschman

Assistant Professor, Center for Health Law Studies
Expert in food and drug law, emerging health care innovations and patent law

In February 2020, Professor Rutschman and Tim Wiemken, Ph.D., associate professor from SLUCOR, began the “Immunization Science and Policy Partnership at Saint Louis University.” Funded through a Spark Microgrant from the SLU Research Institute, the partnership aims to bring together experts working on topics at the intersection of vaccine science and policy.

Rutschman and Wiemken joined Enbal Shacham, Ph.D., professor of public health, to study the effects of social distancing on the spread of COVID-19.  Rutschman was interviewed by KMOV and KSDK to discuss their findings.

Professors Rutchman and Gatter wrote a piece for Protego Press offering initial analysis of the coronavirus lawsuits in the United States against China and the World Health Organization.

Other articles with Professor Rutschman:

Mapping Misinformation in the Coronavirus Outbreak,, written by Professor Rutschman

In one week, Missouri saw a 600% jump in coronavirus cases — the largest increase in the countrySt. Louis Post Dispatch

Missouri attorney general sues China over coronavirus pandemicSt. Louis Post Dispatch

The life or death question: who gets the Covid-19 vaccine?South China Morning Post

How 'vaccine nationalism' could block vulnerable populations' access to COVID-19 vaccines, The Conversation

Johnson & Johnson says it has 'promising' vaccine candidate for coronavirus, The Washington Times

Anti-vaxxers reap rewards for spreading utter crap — and there’s no stopping them, Crikey

Henry Ordower

Expert in tax and taxation

Verify: No, the stimulus check won't be deducted from your tax refund next year, KSDK NBC News, Channel 5

What You Need To Know About Coronavirus Stimulus Checks, St. Louis Public Radio

St. Louis To Deny Earnings Tax Refunds To Remote Workers, St. Louis Public Radio

No break on earnings tax for St. Louis commuters working from home, KMOV Channel 4

Working from home instead of in the city? Don’t expect a break from paying the St. Louis earnings taxSt. Louis Post Dispatch

Chad Flanders

Expert in constitutional law and First Amendment rights

Changing the rules in the middle of a pandemicSt. Louis Post Dispatch

Treat prisoners with dignity, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Texas Is the Next Major Battleground Over Pandemic Voting Rights, Slate, co-authored with 2L Kristen Spina

Michael Wolff

Dean and professor emeritus
Expert in constitutional law

'We're Going To Be Sacrificing Some Of Them At This Time': Constitutional Rights And COVID-19, St. Louis Public Radio

From home, Missouri Supreme Court justices hear arguments in Lamar Johnson case, KMOV CBS News, Channel 4

Behind coronavirus lockdown protests, questions of whom to trustChristian Science Monitor

Supreme Court to consider voting during pandemic, Missouri Lawyers Weekly

Ruqaiijah Yearby

Professor and Executive Director of the Institute for Healing Justice and Equity
Expert in health care regulation, race, justice and health

Beyond COVID-19 Data: What Can St. Louis Do To Bring About Health Care Equity?, St. Louis Public Radio

Marcia McCormick

Professor and associate dean for academic affairs
Expert in employment law and employment discrimination

Police, Fire Departments In St. Louis Region Work To Keep Themselves Safe During Pandemic, St. Louis Public Radio

Matt Bodie

Callis Family Professor of Law; Co-Director, William C. Wefel Center for Employment Law
Expert in employment and labor law

Unfair Choices: Can Workers Refuse to Return If Their Workplaces Are Unsafe?, ACS Blogs, Expert Forum, Law and Policy Analysis

Sidney Watson

Jane and Bruce Robert Professor of Law
Expert in health law and access to health care

COVID Law Briefing, Medicaid and the ACA, This Week in Health Law podcast

Christine Rollins

Expert in family law

Coronavirus in St. Louis: Answering Your Questions About Stay-At-Home Orders, St. Louis Public Radio (addressing custody issues)

Kelly Mulholland

Associate Professor
Expert in taxation and transactional drafting

Letter: Missouri must legislate to collect online tax revenue, St. Louis Post Dispatch (co-written by 2L Hannah Meehan)

William Johnson

Dean and professor of law
Expert in international business transactions and international law 

International Contract Law: Force Majeure and the COVID-19 Pandemic, Law Professors Blog Network

Anders Walker

Lillie Myers Professor of Law
Expert in constitutional law and criminal procedures

Lifting restrictions when the coronavirus pandemic is over, The Charlie Brennan Show with Amy Marxkors, KMOX 1120 AM

Law Students

Steven Hoffman
2L, Advocating for the homeless

Messenger: St. Louis reverses homeless policy, tries to clear downtown tent city despite CDC guidelines, St. Louis Post Dispatch