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LCME Consultative Visit


Dear Colleagues,

I am writing with an update on our efforts to remediate the LCME accreditation issue. Since April, teams of faculty, students and external experts and stakeholders have worked tirelessly to develop a plan to address deficiencies cited by the LCME that resulted in our medical school being placed on probation.

We have been meticulous, deliberate and decisive in identifying the specific tasks that must be accomplished, assigning each to a responsible party, establishing a timeline and noting the outcome we will achieve.

We will share our progress during our LCME consultative visit with Dr. Barbara Barzansky and Dr. Veronica Catanese, co-secretaries of the LCME, on July 13 and 14. This friendly visit with the LCME secretariat gives us the opportunity to gain their perspective on our proposed action plan, discuss our approach to the remediation process and ensure that our improvement strategy is on target.

Dr. Barzansky and Dr. Catanese will be on campus to hear about what we have accomplished so far and to let us know if we are taking the necessary actions to address problems.  They are scheduled to meet with members of Steering Committee and our work groups including faculty, students, and staff. Our meetings will be thorough and cover all issues for which we had been cited.

Once we incorporate feedback from Dr. Barzansky and Dr. Catanese, we will submit our action plan to the LCME on August 1. The LCME board then will review our action plan at its October 2017 meeting.

Upon the LCME’s approval of our plan, we then expect to file more information and documentation with the LCME and arrange survey visits for 2018. The findings from these survey visits are reviewed prior to the removal of probationary status.

Our goal is to have our probationary status lifted as quickly as possible, but we want to ensure that we have solid processes moving forward. I am confident we will emerge from this lengthy process as a stronger and more innovative medical school.

I appreciate the efforts of those who are working so hard to move our School of Medicine forward and offer an opportunity for all faculty to be engaged. As part of the remediation process, we must make changes to our bylaws and constitution, which we will discuss at a special faculty meeting. Please plan to attend the meeting from 4:30 to 6 p.m. Tuesday, July 25 in Room A of the Pitlyk Auditorium in the LRC. 

Thanks for your efforts and commitment to our School of Medicine.

Kevin E. Behrns, M.D.
Vice President for Medical Affairs and Dean of School of Medicine