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LCME Productive Meeting

I am writing to let you know about the progress our School of Medicine is making as we move to have our probationary status lifted by the LCME, the accrediting body for medical education. As you know, we remain fully accredited as we work methodically and quickly to resolve issues that were raised.

We had a very productive consultative visit with the LCME co-secretariats on July 13 and 14, receiving valuable feedback on our proposed action plan to address the LCME’s concerns. The LCME Steering Committee, workgroups and Dean’s office met with Dr. Barbara Barzansky and Dr. Veronica Catanese, who offered their advice and guidance before we submit our action plan to the LCME next week.

Drs. Barzansky and Catanese said that SLU’s medical school has made strong progress so far and were impressed by the involvement of staff, students, faculty, alumni and other community stakeholders in addressing issues raised by the LCME. They provided general feedback on how the action plan is organized and formatted as well as guidance on how we approached specific elements. They stressed the importance of providing the necessary resources to support the educational mission of the School of Medicine to ensure the action plan and remediation activities will be properly implemented. They expressed no concerns about our ability to meet the Aug. 1 deadline to file our action plan with the LCME.

It was an excellent visit that gave us valuable insight and confidence in our approach to addressing issues that had been raised.

While we will submit our official action plan to the LCME on Aug. 1, we already are implementing some of the changes detailed within it to improve the quality of medical education for our students.

Going forward, please continue to expect to receive regular updates about our progress to move our medical school forward. While we have until February 2019 to resolve problems, we hope to have our probationary status lifted sooner.

On a personal note, I remain inspired by the generosity of so many staff, faculty and students who graciously are sharing their talents to strengthen our School of Medicine. Thanks so much for your continued support.


Kevin E. Behrns, M.D.
Vice President for Medical Affairs and Dean