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LCME Accepts Action Plan

I’m pleased to report that the LCME has accepted the detailed plan we submitted in August to correct the issues that caused our School of Medicine to be placed on probation.

We are on the right path and the action plan will serve as our road map to move forward with our remediation efforts and to improve the medical education we offer. It is important to note that we remain accredited during this probationary status.

A limited survey visit will be scheduled within the next 12 months. Approximately six months before the site visit, the LCME Secretariat will provide detailed instructions for constructing a briefing book for the visit.

The LCME's decision on lifting the probationary status will be based on the results of the site visit and answers in the briefing book.  I am optimistic that our probationary status could be lifted as early as October 2018, and no later than February 2019. 

The LCME’s approval of our action plan represents robust progress, and we already have begun implementing changes to strengthen our School of Medicine. Many volunteers – alumni, faculty, students, staff and professional colleagues – have given freely of their time, working tirelessly on this most important initiative. I am grateful for their contributions and energized by their commitment to making our medical school the best that it can be.

Kevin E. Behrns, M.D.
Vice President for Medical Affairs and Dean
Saint Louis University School of Medicine
1402 South Grand Blvd M268
St. Louis, MO 63104
Phone: 314-977-9801