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Study Room Policies for Pius XII Memorial Library

Reservable Study Rooms

Pius Library has eight study rooms that can be reserved using the online room reservation system, D!BS. If you have trouble using the online room reservation system, please call Pius Library Information/Circulation Services desk at 314-977-3087 or stop by the library for help.

The seven study rooms (101B, 101C, 101D, 101E, 401, 407, and 504) and four whiteboard cubicles that have tables, chairs, whiteboards, and/or chalk boards. Packets with dry erase markers and erasers are available for check-out at the service desks.

  • To make a reservation, you must be a current SLU student, faculty, staff.
  • Pius Library Study rooms are unmediated and unlocked. Anyone can use the study rooms but priority is given to the group who has “D!BS”.
  • The person who made the reservation must be present to show D!BS confirmation to patrons who might already be occupying the space.
  • Groups who are using a study but do not have D!BS must vacate the room when a group with D!BS on the room arrives and shows their confirmation text or email.
  • In the event a person with D!BS does not have a way to show their confirmation, a Pius staff member will check the reservation system for their D!BS and issue a print out for confirmation.
  • Each patron can make one reservation for up to 3 hours per day. Reservations can be made 7 days in advance.
  • Rooms must be ready to use when vacated by the assignee. Please take personal items with you. Furniture and whiteboards must stay in the room. Furniture may not be removed or added to the study room.
  • Please do not leave any personal material unattended. Remember the doors are not locked. The library is not responsible for any thefts.

In addition to the above, the person who made the reservation is responsible for:

  • Please keep room tidy and remove trash. If the trash can is full in the study room, please use other trash cans on the floor.
  • Please be aware that loud conversation can be heard outside of the study room. Please be considerate.
  • If you know you will not be using a reserved room, please make sure to cancel your reservation using the link in your confirmation email.
  • Please arrive within 10 minutes of your reserved start time. Otherwise, your entire reservation will be forfeited.

Non-reservable Study Rooms

Pius Library has four study rooms (402, 406, 501, 502) that are formal classrooms scheduled by the Registrar that may not be reserved. The rooms may be used on a first come, first served basis, if available. Please be advised, you may be asked to vacate the room for a scheduled event. Scheduled events, that can change daily, can be viewed on the online calendar 25Live. From the 25Live homepage, click on the blue "Locations" tab and type "Pius" in the search box.

There are 19 individual study rooms that are available on a first/come first/serve basis. The individual study rooms are located on the 3rd, 4th, and 5th floors of Pius and have no amenities other than a table, a lamp, and a chair.

Audio-Visual Rooms

A/V room key can be borrowed from the Circulation Desk. A/V room key is loaned to SLU patrons only and they cannot be reserved in advance.


Lockers are available on a first-come, first-served basis for SLU students, faculty, and staff and are rented at the Circulation Services desk across from the cafe.There are 80 small lockers located on the second floor and 8 large lockers on the third floor wing.

Terms and Fees

Rentals are made on a semester basis with combination lock due dates as follow: Fall Semester (December 30) Spring Semester (May 30) and Summer Session (August 15). There is no automatic renewal however; lockers may be renewed in person (one academic year at a time) as long as the renter is a valid SLU student, faculty, or staff.

  • Fall only small locker: $ 20.00
  • Fall only large locker: $ 30.00
  • Spring only small locker: $ 20.00
  • Spring only large locker: $ 30.00
  • Summer only small/large: $ 10.00
  • Academic year (Fall/Spring) small locker: $ 35.00
  • Academic year (Fall/Spring) large locker: $ 50.00
  • Failure to clean out locker after expiration: $ 10.00


  • The rental fee is non-refundable
  • Library owned combination locks will be barcoded and checked out on your library account
  • Circulating library owned materials can be stored in a locker but MUST be checked out, with a valid date due stamped in the back inside cover. Non-circulating and Reference items as well as items not checked out may not be stored in the lockers and will be removed from lockers by library staff upon periodic inspection.
  • In addition to the statement above, the following materials may not be stored in lockers:
    • Food or beverages or open drink containers
    • Hazardous materials
    • Drugs and other contraband
  • The Library is not responsible for loss, theft or damage to items in lockers
  • You may not change lockers unless there is something physically wrong with the locker you have been assigned
  • Lockers will be checked periodically by library staff
  • Material left in your locker after the rental expiration will incur a clear-out fine of $10.00 and the library will dispose of any personal material stored in the locker after the expiration date
  • All renters must read and sign the locker policies prior to being issued a locker/combination lock

Locker Search Policy

  • Saint Louis University and Pius XII Memorial Library reserve the right to conduct a locker search for the reasons set forth in the “Regulations” section above, or when it has been determined, in the discretion of appropriate Pius Library officials, that sufficient cause exists. The Dean of Libraries, Chair of Research and Instruction, and the Shelving Coordinator will make this determination. After proper authority has been granted, the search will be conducted in the following manner:
    • Two Pius Library staff members will conduct the search.
    • In most cases, the persons conducting the search will obtain the locker combination from the signed student agreement in circulation services.
    • Students will be informed by email of the purpose of the search. Students are not required to be present, unless requested by staff. If so requested, students must remain with the library staff members near the locker or under supervision of staff. Searches may be conducted in the students’ absence.
    • All areas and spaces of the locker and all objects and containers within the locker may be searched. Illegal or unauthorized items will be confiscated and locker owners will be provided with a list of these items taken. Items violating local, state or federal laws may be turned over to law enforcement authorities.
    • Department of Public Safety and Emergency Services or police officers with proper authority may initiate a search within normal legal guidelines. These procedures may supersede the above guidelines. The information gathered during this process may be processed through the conduct board.

For questions about Pius Library Circulation services and policies, e-mail Circulation at, call (314) 977-3087 and ask to speak to a full-time staff member, or visit the Circulation Desk and ask to speak with a full-time staff member.