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Journal Articles on Demand

What is On Demand Access?

  • On Demand is a method of access provided for library journals with a calculated cost-per-use of more than $100.
  • On Demand articles are delivered to users at no cost within 24 hours of request in most cases.
  • On Demand articles are original PDF versions of the articles placed in your ILLiad interlibrary loan account for easy access.

How Do I Order an Article from an On Demand Journal?

  • On Demand articles are ordered through the ILLiad Interlibrary Loan system.
  • Please login to your ILLiad Interlibrary Loan account by clicking on the appropriate link below to request an article from an On Demand journal.
  • Complete the form as you would for any journal article request. Interlibrary Loan staff will handle the rest.

Where Do I Order an Article from an On Demand Journal?

On Demand Journal List

To request articles in the date range given for each title, please use Interlibrary Loan.

Title ISSN DateStart DateEnd
Agricultural History (Agricultural History Society) 0002-1482 2012 Present
American Journal of Physical Anthropology (Springer) 0002-9483 1950 1995
American Journal of Primatology (Springer) 0275-2565 1981 1995
Applied Geography (Elsevier) 0143-6228 1981 1994
Applied Physics Letters (AIP) 003-6951 12 months ago Present
Brain, Behavior and Evolution (Karger) 0006-8977 2007 Present
British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies (TandF) 1353-0194 2012 Present
Canadian Journal of Remote Sensing (NCR Research Press) 1712-7971 2002 Present
Catena (Elsevier) 0341-8162 1973 1994
Classical and Quantum Gravity (IOP) 0264-9381 1984 1993
Classical and Quantum Gravity (IOP) 0264-9381 2009 Present
Clinical and Experimental Hypertension (1993) (Informa Healthcare) 1064-1963 18 months ago Present
Cold War History (TandF) 1468-2745 18 months ago Present
Critique : Studies in Contemporary Fiction (TandF) 0011-1619 18 months ago Present
Developmental Neuroscience (Karger) 0378-5866 2007 Present
Discourse Studies (Sage) 1461-4456 1999 2003
Discourse Studies (Sage) 1461-4456 2013 Present
Environment and Planning A (Pion, Ltd.) 0308-518X Two years ago Present
Environment and Planning B: Planning and Design (Pion, Ltd.) 0265-8135 Two years ago Present
Environmental Biology of Fishes (Springer) 0378-1909 1976 1996
Environmental Communication (TandF) 1752-4040 18 months ago Present
Europe-Asia Studies (TandF) 0966-8136 18 months ago Present
First Language (Sage) 0142-3737 2013 Present
Folia Primatologica 0015-5713 1963 Present
Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution (Springer) 0925-9864 1992 1996
Genetica (Springer) 0016-6707 1919 1996
Historical Methods (TandF) 0161-5440 18 months ago Present
Informatics for Health and Social Care (Informa Healthcare) 1753-8157 18 months ago Present
International Journal for Academic Development (Routledge) 1360-144X 1996 Present
International Journal of Neuroscience (TandF) 0020-7454 18 months ago Present
International Journal of Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence (World Scientific) 0218-0014 One year ago Present
International Journal of Remote Sensing (TandF) 1366-5901 1980 1997
International Journal of Remote Sensing (TandF) 1366-5901 18 months ago Present
Interventions: The International Journal of Postcolonial Studies (TandF) 1369-801X 2012 Present
Italianistica 0391-3368 1972 Present
Journal of Arid Environments (Elsevier) 0140-1963 1993 1994
Journal of Biomaterials Science, Polymer Edition (TandT) 0920-5063 1989 06/30/1999
Journal of Biomaterials Science, Polymer Edition (TandF) 0920-5063 18 months ago Present
Journal of Chemical Physics (AIP) 0021-9606 12 months ago Present
Journal of College and Character (de Gruyter) 1940-1639 2010 Present
Journal of Controlled Release (Elsevier) 0168-3659 1984 1994
Journal of Environmental Studies and Policy (Tata Energy) 0972-0804 Two years ago Present
Journal of Humanistic Psychology (Sage) 0022-1678 2013 Present
Journal of Hydrology (Elsevier) 0022-1694 1963 1994
Journal of Knot Theory and Its Ramifications (World Scientific) 0218-2165 One year ago Present
Journal of Materials Research (Cambridge) 0884-2914 1986 2010
Journal of Materials Research (Cambridge) 0884-2914 One year ago Present
Journal of Mathematical Physics (AIP) 0022-2488 12 months ago Present
Journal of Molecular Evolution (Springer) 0022-2844 1971 1996
Journal of Quantitative Criminology (Springer) 0748-4518 1985 1996
Journal of Roman Studies (Cambridge) 0075-4358 2012 Present
Journal of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era (Cambridge) 1537-7814 2012 Present
Journal of Transportation Engineering (ASCE) 0733-947X 12 months ago Present
Journal of Turbomachinery (ASME) 0889-504X 2007 Present
Measurement: Interdisciplinary Research and Perspectives (TandF) 1536-6367 2013 Present
Mediterranean Historical Review (TandF) 0951-8967 18 months ago Present
Middle Eastern Studies (TandF) 0026-3206 2012 Present
NBER Working Papers Series Archive 0898-2937 36 months ago Present
Philosophy and Social Criticism (Sage) 0191-4537 1978 Present
Photogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing 0099-1112 Two calendar years ago Present
Plant Systematics and Evolution (Springer) 0378-2697 1974 1996
Planta (Springer) 0032-0935 1925 1996
Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology (TandF) 1747-0218 2013 Present
Quaternary Science Reviews (Elsevier) 0277-3791 1982 1994
Race and Class (Sage) 1741-3125 2013 Present
Social Psychological and Personality Science (Sage) 1948-5506 2013 Present
Theoretical and Applied Genetics (Springer) 0040-5752 1968 1996
Transportation Research Record (Transportation Research Board) 0361-1981 24 months ago Present
Transportation Science (Informs) 0041-1655 2012 Present