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Writing Program Information Literacy Instruction

The Saint Louis University libraries offer an online information literacy instruction program that empowers students in English 1900: Advanced Strategies of Rhetoric and Research to recognize their information needs and locate, evaluate, and use information effectively.

Learning Outcomes

The ENGL 1900 student will:

  • Identify how to access research help and resources via the SLU Libraries in order to meet their current and ongoing information needs.
  • Broaden or narrow a research topic in order to fit the scope of an assignment.
  • Describe the characteristics of different kinds of information sources used in the scholarly research process (scholarly, popular, etc.) in order to use them effectively.
  • Utilize the SLU Libraries Catalog and SLUth Search Plus in order to find a variety of sources on their research topic.
  • Assess the credibility and relevance of information sources in order to select appropriate resources for their research project.
  • Recognize when and why to cite sources in order to use information ethically.

ENGL 1900 Library Research Tutorial

Access the Tutorial

This tutorial consists of six modules; each includes instructional content as well as a quiz or activity. Instructors are encouraged to assign modules individually at relevant times during the semester.

Librarian Support

Each ENGL 1900 instructor is partnered with a Research & Instruction Librarian who is available to:

  • answer instructor and student questions.
  • assist in determining the best time to assign specific tutorial modules.
  • conduct student research consultations via Zoom.
  • participate in an online class in order to answer student questions.
  • teach a virtual information literacy instruction session (synchronous or asynchronous) that focuses on an established learning outcome.

Librarians also:

  • update instructors on student completion of tutorial quizzes and activities and share assessment data.
  • respond to student questions and points of confusion identified via assessment results.

Scheduling a Class Visit or Instruction

Instructors who would like their librarian to visit their class virtually to field student questions and/or teach a virtual information literacy instruction session during the semester, should schedule as early as possible and plan to be present.


To make this the best possible experience for students, we recommend that instructors:

  • discuss plans for the course with their librarian partner;
  • send their librarian the course syllabus and research assignments;
  • include their librarian partner’s contact information on their syllabus and online course space;
  • link to the ENGL 1900 Library Research Tutorial and ENGL 1900 Research Guide from their online course space.

Resources for Students

Research Guide for ENGL 1500: The Process of Composition

Research Guide for ENGL 1900: Advanced Strategies of Rhetoric & Research

Research Guide for ENGL 1920: Advanced Writing for Professionals

Questions? Ask Us!

Have questions about your research? Ask a Librarian for assistance via chat, text, email, phone, or in-person or search our frequently asked questions and answers.

Locating Materials in Pius Library

Find call number information and location maps for Pius XII Memorial Library.


Contact English Librarian Jamie Emery, M.S. at 314-977-3591 or