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Vatican Archives Papal Letter Registers

The Vatican Archives Papal Letters Registers on CD-ROM consist of digital image reproductions of the manuscript registers of papal letters housed in the Archivio Segreto Vaticano. The registers reproduced belong to two of the largest and most commonly consulted series: Registra Vaticana (Reg. Vat. 1–523), containing the texts of papal bulls and letters from John VIII (872–882) to Pius II (1458–1464), and Registra Supplicationum (Reg. Suppl. 1–265), containing the texts of supplications or petitions and their outcomes from Clement VI (1342–1352) to Martin V (1417–1431).

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The CD-ROMs may be consulted in the reading room of the Vatican Film Library. The digital image files cannot be sold, copied, lent, or transferred to other institutions or individuals, although paper copies of the images may be made by researchers for individual use.

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