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Coverage for Medical Residents

University Health Plan coverage is available to Saint Louis University School of Medicine residents, subspecialty residents, fellows and their dependents.

You must enroll or request changes to plan elections (e.g. drop coverage) during program orientation, during an open enrollment period or during a special enrollment period. Once you are enrolled, your coverage will remain in effect until June 30 following your completion of the program or until you become otherwise ineligible for the plan.

The open enrollment period for residents, subspecialty residents, fellows and their dependents is  July 1 - July 31 of each calendar year.

Browse 2022-23 Medical Resident Plan Benefits

Contact the UHP Office for enrollment assistance during special enrollment periods 314-977-5666 or in Caroline Building, Room C119.

Identification Cards

Once you have enrolled in the University Health Plan, you will receive an Aetna identification card in the U.S. mail. Present this card when receiving both medical and retail pharmacy services.

You may also print identification cards online using your Banner ID number and your date of birth.

Print Resident UHP ID Card

Continuation of Coverage

Under certain qualifying events, COBRA continuation coverage can become available to Saint Louis University residents, subspecialty residents and fellows when UHP coverage would otherwise end.

Qualifying events include, but are not limited to, voluntary or involuntary termination of employment/contract for any reason other than the assistant's gross misconduct. COBRA election forms and rate information are mailed by the Saint Louis University Benefits Office upon contract termination.

Additional Assistance

For assistance with enrollment or plan election changes, contact the UHP Office at 314-977-5666.

For questions or concerns related to Medical Resident COBRA enrollment, contact Saint Louis University Benefits at 314-977-2595.

For questions or concerns related to Medical Resident COBRA billing, contact Sax Benefits Group at 314-822-6100.