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University 101

First-year students at Saint Louis University are encouraged to enroll in University 101 (UNIV 1010) during their first semester on campus.

These small, interactive classes engage you in the process of reflection about how you see yourself and the person you hope to become at SLU. University 101 is a one-credit course that meets once a week, emphasizes in-class participation and provides an ongoing introduction to campus resources.

Topics covered in University 101 include:

  • Understanding yourself in the context of SLU
  • Succeeding academically, in and out of class
  • Vocation: majors, jobs, personal and professional purpose
  • Learning from the diversity of the SLU community

FAQ About U101

How does U101 fit my major?

Typically, University 101 fills an elective credit but some programs may require it.

How many students take the course?

While you will typically only have 19 students in your section of U101, nearly 900 students each fall will enroll in the course.

What if I'm part of a Learning Community?

The following learning communities at SLU have U101 sections devoted to their specific community:

  • Engineering
  • Diversity and Global Citizenship
  • Leadership for Social Change
  • Life Sciences

In addition to sections for learning communities, themed U101 sections are provided for students with specific interests or in specific programs. These include:

  • Student-athletes
  • Athletic training majors
  • Occupational therapy majors (listed as OCS 1000)
  • Physical therapy majors (listed as DPT 1111)
  • International students

Becoming a Peer Instructor

If you are interested in becoming a U101 peer instructor, visit the FYE Leadership Position page.

For questions related to the University 101 course or how to become a U101 peer or primary instructor, please email Kelly Herbolich, program director of academic support in the Student Success Center, at