SLU's Madrid Campus dates from a modest study abroad program launched by Raymond L. Sullivant, S.J. in the 1960s. Its success led Father Sullivant to offer classes in conjunction with the University of Comillas and then to establish an independent, permanent program, with its administrative offices and classrooms located between Madrid's Complutense University and the city center in 1967.

Shortly thereafter, a number of Spanish students, attracted to the University's liberal arts curriculum, enrolled in its classes, and within a decade the university was home to hundreds of students. Its program expanded, providing a full range of courses and a library, which permitted Spanish and European students to complete the first two years of their undergraduate studies in Madrid.

Its distinct position as the American Jesuit University in Spain prompted SLU to build a campus. In 1990, it purchased what now stand as Padre Rubio and Padre Arrupe Halls. In 1996, SLU's Madrid Campus was the first U.S. university to receive official recognition from the Consejería de Educación y Cultura, Madrid's higher education authority; degree programs offered in Madrid are also accredited by the University's regional accrediting agency in the U.S., the Higher Learning Commission of the North Association of Colleges and Schools.

In 2011, the University expanded its Madrid Campus further with the acquisition and renovation of San Ignacio Hall, providing additional space to support its students and faculty, including a new library, cafeteria and auditorium.

Today, students from more than 65 countries study undergraduate and graduate courses to obtain either U.S. four-year undergraduate degrees, graduate degrees or, in the case of study abroad students, credits toward their degrees at their home institutions. Recognized as a center of international education in Spain, SLU-Madrid remains committed to the ideals of service and leadership that the University, its students, faculty and staff have upheld since 1818.

SLU Madrid History
SLU Madrid History
SLU Madrid History
SLU Madrid History
SLU Madrid History
SLU Madrid History

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