The Honors Program


The Honors Program at Saint Louis University offers eligible students the opportunity to develop an individual course of study that complements their undergraduate major, leading to an Honors degree in that discipline. Undergraduates from any of the schools and colleges at Saint Louis University can successfully pursue an honors degree through the University Honors Program.

If you complete the Honors Program you earn an Honors Bachelor of Arts or Honors Bachelor of Science degree in your discipline, a distinction beyond the traditional awards of summa cum laude, magna cum laude, and cum laude, which are rewarded only for grade point average.

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You are invited to apply to the Honors Program prior to your first term of study based upon test score results. Current students may also apply if they have completed fewer than 45 hours toward graduation and hold a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher. Please note that SLU-Madrid students apply to and are accepted from the Saint Louis, Missouri campus of SLU.

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Honor Program Requirements
The Honors Program is very flexible, allowing you to adapt its requirements to your own schedule. You must complete 24 credit hours worth of Honors work. This credit must include the following:

  • The Freshman Honors Seminar (HR 1900 Crossroads, 3 credit hours)
  • One upper-level Honors Seminar (HR 4930, 3 credit hours)
  • Senior Honors Capstone (HR 4960, 0 credit hours). Honors Capstone Form >>

The remaining hours may be obtained in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Contract Courses: you may contract a non-honors course in your major/minor (or a core curriculum requirement) in order to receive credit. In this case the Honors requirements are determined by the professor and the director of the Honors Program. If you pursue this option, you must change your course to Honors status within the first two weeks of the semester in question. Contract Courses Form >>
  • Independent Study: you may undertake an independent study project in your major to obtain honors credit.
  • Honors Internship: you will work with Career Services to identify internship opportunities and how to meet the requirements to earn honors credit.
  • Graduate Courses: graduate courses in English and Spanish are available at the Madrid Campus every semester. Approval by the department is required.
  • Study Abroad: if you participate in a study abroad experience. you may earn three hours of honors credit per semester.
  • International Partnership: you will be matched with an international student (normally in the ESL program) as a conversation partner. Partners meet at least five times a semester, for a total of 10 hours. You must complete the required training and reflective writing to earn credit. Three semesters are required (one honors credit each) in order to complete a full three-credit honors unit. International Partnership Contract Form >>

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Academic Dean
Paul Vita, Ph.D.

Honors Advisor
Jaime Ortiz

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