Summer Programs

Summer Session 2018: May 21 - June 21

Intensive Spanish Summer Session: June 25 - July 26

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Summer Program FAQ

  • How many credits can I earn over the summer? You earn up to 6 credits in the Summer Session 2018 and/or up to 6 credits in the Intensive Spanish Summer Session.

  • Does SLU offer online classes? Yes, you can also earn credits online. The Summer 2018 online course offerings are listed in Banner. 

  • What are my housing options? You can live with a Spanish host family or in Residencia El Faro, a student residential facility just five minutes away from campus. Or if you prefer, you can find your own housing. 

  • How much will it cost? The per-credit summer tuition rate is approximately 50% lower than fall and spring semester tuition. The summer 2017 rate was 505 euros ($540 based on the March 1, 2017 exchange rate) per credit; 2018 tuition and fees will be posted online in February 2018.

  • When should I apply? If you need a visa to enter Spain, you should apply for the visa at least two months prior to the first day of class. It's a good idea to apply early because course registration opens on February 15, 2018.

Discover Spain and your place in the world at SLU-Madrid this summer.

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