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Olga Ramírez, Ph.D.

Division of Humanities


Ph.D., J.W.Goethe Universität, Frankfurt am Main
Tesina, University of Granada, Spain
Licenciatura University of Granada, Spain

Practice Areas

  • Ethics, Metaethics
  • Philosophy of Language (Metaphysics, Epistemology, Philosophy of Logic and Mathematics)
  • Aesthetics

Publications and Media Placements

2018 “Between Witches, Angels and Unicorns. The Possibilities of Expanding Russell’s Existential Analysis.” in E-Logos, Vol. 25(1) 4–15

2017“Tracing the Territory. A Unitary Foundational Account” Logos and Episteme, Volume VIII, Issue 1, March pp.71-95, JSC Q2 

2012 “Boghossian’s ‘Blind-Reasoning’ Conditionalization and Thick Ethical Concepts’’ invited paper for a Special Number in Meta-Ethics of the Polish Philosophical Quarterly EPQ, Volume 3, Issue 1, pp. 31-52 also in Phil-Papers

2011 “Between Realism and Non-Cognitivism in Ethics, A Three Fold Model” published in Prolegomena, Croatia, 10(1) 2011 pp.101-112 , JSC Q2

2010 "Richard Hare en Perspectiva" in Telos: Revista Iberoamericana de Estudios Utilitaristas. Special issue of the Journal in Honor of Prof. Esperanza Guisán. V.17, No2, pp. 209-225

2008 "Different Ways to Follow Rules, The Case of Ethics" contribution to the 31 Internationalen Wittgenstein Symposiums, selected through the project Agora 2011 and available as Wittgenstein secondary literature

2008 "The truth of moral statements and the search for a realist foundation of morality" Episteme NS, Vol. 28, pp. 89-114, 2008-I

2014 The Ground of Inference. A Study in Amazon Create Space Indep. Pub. Platform, April (First version, 2012)

2011 Ph.D. Thesis University of Frankfurt, Academic Publications:

Konsequenzen der postempiristischen Sprachphilosophie für die Metaethische Diskussion. (Moralischer Realismus und die Frage nach der Begründung der Moral)

2008 MPhil Thesis: Truth as Superassertibility: A Study on Crispin Wright's 'Truth and Objectivity' published as an academic thesis in Ediesser, Libros SL, Carcaixent ISBN: 978-84- 92488-30-8, 2008


English-Spanish: Jane Mansbridge: “On the Importance of getting things done”, Las Torres de Lucca No 1 (2012) pp. 57- 82 with Gustavo Castel

German Spanish: Lutz Wingert’s: “Citizenship and Market Economy or: What is really systemically important in Democracy? “ No1 (2012) pp. 7-55 together with Juan Antonio Fernandez Manzano

German Spanish: Lutz Wingert’s “Democracy Today: investors sovereignty or civic representation?’, Las Torres de Lucca, No 0 (2012) pp.29-41, with Ulrike de la Torre Fladl

Honors and Awards

2006 Three-year Juan de la Cierva Research Fellowship from the Spanish National Ministry of Science and Education (MEC) as part of the Ramón y Cajal and J. de la Cierva Program

2005 Two-year Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship from the (MEC) at University College London (UCL)

2003 Prize for Academic Excellence (Premio Extraordinario de Licenciatura) in my (Magister Thesis, Tesina) delivered in 1999

Professional Organizations and Associations

Member of the Spanish Society of Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science (SLMFCE)

Member of the American Philosophical Association (APA) International Associate: ID:23977204, Until 06/30/2020

Member of the American Association of Aesthetics (ASA) 26/02/2017-26/02/2018