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Belén López, Ph.D.

Department of Engineering, Aviation and Technology


Ph.D., Universitat de València

Practice Areas

  • Astronomy and Astrophysics

Research Interests

  • Formation and early evolution of low-mass stars and brown dwarfs
  • Ultracool dwarfs
  • Substellar objects

Publications and Media Placements

B. López Martí, F. Jiménez-Esteban, A. Bayo, D. Barrado, E. Solano, H. Bouy & C. Rodrigo: Proper motions of young stars in Chamaeleon. II. New kinematical members of Chamaeleon I and II, A&A 556, A144 (2013)

F. Comerón, L. Spezzi, B. López Martí & B. Merín: The lowmass dispersed population around the Lupus clouds, A&A 554, A86 (2013)

B. López Martí, F. Jiménez Esteban, A. Bayo, D. Barrado, E. Solano & C. Rodrigo: Proper motions of young stars in Chamaeleon. I. A Virtual Observatory study of spectroscopically confirmed members, A&A 551, A46 (2013)

B. López Martí, F. Jiménez Esteban & E. Solano: A proper motion study of the Lupus clouds using VO tools, A&A 529, id.A108 (2011)

B. López Martí, L. Spezzi, B. Merín, M. Morales-Calderón, H. Bouy, D. Barrado y Navascués & J. Eislöffel: The diskless population of Corona Australis, A&A 515, 31 (2010)

F. Comerón, L. Spezzi & B. López Martí: A new population of cool stars and brown dwarfs in the Lupus clouds, A&A 500, 1045 (2009)

B. López Martí, J. Eislöffel & R. Mundt: The very low-mass population of the Corona Australis and Chamaeleon II star forming regions, A&A 444, 175 (2005)

B. López Martí, J. Eislöffel & R. Mundt: Very low-mass members of the Lupus 3 Cloud, A&A 440, 139 (2005)

B. López Martí, J. Eislöffel, A. Scholz & R. Mundt: The Brown Dwarf Population of the Chamaeleon I Cloud, A&A 416, 555 (2004)

F. Comerón, A. Pasquali, G. Rodighiero, V. Stanishev, B. de Filippis, B. López Martí, M.C. Gálvez Ortiz, A. Stankov & R. Gredel: On the massive star contents of Cygnus OB2, A&A 389, 871 (2004)

V. J. Martínez, B. López-Martí & M. J. Pons-Bordería: Does the Galaxy Correlation Length Increase with the Sample Depth?, ApJ Letters, 554, L5 (2001)