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Emilija Georgievska-Nanevska, Ph.D.

Department of Psychology and Sociology


Ph.D. Clinical Psychology, Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, USA
M.A. Health Psychology (Máster Universitario en Psicología General Sanitaria), Universidad Europea, Madrid, Spain
M.A. Existential Psychology, Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, USA

Practice Areas

  • Humanistic Therapy
  • Psychodynamic Therapy
  • Health Psychology
  • Trauma
  • Immigration
  • Disability

Research Interests

  • Health adolescent behavior
  • Treatment efficacy
  • Immigration and language
  • Disability

Publications and Media Placements


Georgievska-Nanevska, E. (2019). La eficacia del psicoanálisis y la terapia psicodinámica. Revista del Centro Psicoanalítico de Madrid, 36, 4-11.

Kostarova L., & Georgievska-Nanevska, E. (Eds.) How healthy and equal are the young people in Macedonia nowadays? Center for Psychosocial and Crisis Action—CPCA, Skopje, 2017.

Kostarova L., & Georgievska-Nanevska, E. (Eds.) Health as quality of life: Social inequalities in health behavior among Macedonian youth. Center for Psychosocial and Crisis Action—CPCA, Skopje, 2013.

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Georgievska, E., & Tomovska, A. (2004). The value of the mind: Qualitative study of Macedonian and Albanian folk stories, in collaboration with high-school students from Skopje and Tetovo. Skopje: Center for Human Rights and Conflict Resolution.

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 Georgievska-Nanevska, E. (2003). The mother tongue as a site of foreignness and immediacy within ourselves. In N. Stephenson, Radke, H.L., Jorna, R., and Stam, H.J. (Eds.), Theoretical Psychology: Critical Contributions. Ontario, CANADA: Captus Press.

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Georgievska, E., & Petrevska, M. (Eds.) Life Worth Living: stories of lives with children with special needs. ILI ILI, Skopje, 2016.