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Mary Prendergast, Ph.D.

Division of Humanities


Ph.D. in Anthropology, Harvard University, 2008
M.A. in Anthropology, Harvard University, 2005
B.A. in Old World Archaeology and Art, Brown University, 1999

Research Interests

  • Anthropology of food and eating
  • Hunter-gatherers and pastoralists in East Africa
  • Human origins
  • Archaeological fieldwork and zooarchaeological analysis

Publications and Media Placements

2019. Roberts, P., M.E. Prendergast, A. Janzen, C. Shipton, J. Blinkhorn, J. Zech, A. Crowther, E.A. Sawchuk, E. Ndiema, M. Petraglia, N. Boivin. Late Pleistocene to Holocene human palaeoecology in the tropical environments of coastal eastern Africa. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology. *Co-corresponding authors

2019. Prendergast, M.E., M. Lipson, E.A. Sawchuk, I. Olalde, C. Ogola, N. Rohland, K.A. Sirak, N. Adamski, R. Betnardos, N. Broomandkhoshbacht, K. Callan, B.J. Culleton, L. Eccles, T.K. Harper, A.M. Lawson, M. Mah, J. Oppenheimer, K. Stewardson, F. Zalzala, S.H. Ambrose, G. Ayodo, H.L. Gates Jr., A.O. Gidna, M. Katongo, A. Kwekason, A.Z.P. Mabulla, G.S. Mudenda, E.K. Ndiema, C. Nelson, P. Robertshaw, D.J. Kennett, F.K. Manthi, D. Reich. Ancient DNA Reveals a Multi-Step Spread of the First Herders into Sub-Saharan Africa. Science365(6448):eaaw6275.

2019. Prendergast, M.E., A. Janzen, M. Buckley, K.M. Grillo. Sorting the sheep from the goats in the Pastoral Neolithic: morphological and biomolecular approaches at Luxmanda, Tanzania. Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences 11(6):3047-3062.

2019. Chritz, K., T. Cerling, K. Freeman, E. Hildebrand, A. Janzen, M.E. Prendergast. Climate, ecology, and the spread of herding in eastern Africa. Quaternary Science Reviews 204:119-132.

2018. Prendergast, M.E., A. Janzen, M. Buckley, K. Grillo Sorting the sheep from the goats in the Pastoral Neolithic: morphological and biomolecular approaches at Luxmanda, Tanzania. Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences. DOI: 10.1007/s12520-018-0737-0

2018. Prendergast, M.E. and E. Sawchuk (joint first authors). Boots on the ground in Africa’s ancient DNA “revolution”: archaeological perspectives on ethics and best practices. Antiquity 92(363):803-815. DOI: 10.15184/aqy.2018.70

2018. Prendergast, M.E. and A. Beyin. Fishing in a fluctuating landscape: terminal Pleistocene and early Holocene subsistence strategies in the Lake Turkana Basin, Kenya. Quaternary International 471:203-218. DOI: 10.1016/j.quaint.2017.04.022

2018. Crowther, A., M.E. Prendergast, D. Fuller, N. Boivin. Subsistence mosaics, forager-farmer interactions, and the transition to food production in eastern Africa. Quaternary International 489:101-120. DOI: 10.1016/j.quaint.2017.01.014

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2017. Prendergast, M.E., E. Quintana Morales, A. Crowther, M.C. Horton, N. Boivin. Dietary diversity on the Swahili coast: the fauna from two Zanzibar trading locales. International Journal of Osteoarchaeology. doi: 10.1002/oa.2585

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2008. Eren, M. and M.E. Prendergast. “Comparing and Synthesizing Lithic Reduction Indices,” in Lithic Technology: Measures of Production, Use and Curation, edited by W. Andrefsky, pp. 49-85.  Cambridge: Cambridge University Press

Honors and Awards


  • Student Paper Award, Society for American Archaeology Annual Meeting, 2006
  • Certificate of Distinction in Teaching, Harvard/Derek Bok Center for Teaching, 2005
  • Certificate of Distinction in Teaching, Harvard/Derek Bok Center for Teaching, 2004
Research Grants
  • National Geographic Society Committee for Research and Exploration Grant, 2018-2019
  • Saint Louis University - Madrid Faculty Research Fellowships, 2018
  • Radcliffe Fellowship, Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, Harvard University, 2016-2017
  • Hunt Postdoctoral Fellowship, Wenner-Gren Foundation, 2016-2017
  • Saint Louis University - Madrid Faculty Research Fellowships, 2013-2014
  • Saint Louis University Summer Research Award in Humanities, 2013
  • Wenner-Gren International Collaborative Research Grant (co-PI with A. Mabulla), 2012-2013
  • National Geographic Society Committee for Research and Exploration Grant, 2012-2013
  • Harvard Graduate Society Dissertation Completion Fellowship, 2007-2008
  • Wenner-Gren Doctoral Dissertation Fieldwork Grant, 2006-2007
  • NSF Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant (co-PI with R. Meadow), 2006-2007
  • Frederick Sheldon Traveling Fellowship, Harvard University, 2006-2007
  • American School of Prehistoric Research Fieldwork Grant, 2006
  • Harvard Graduate Society Summer Fieldwork Award, 2005