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Paul Vita, Ph.D.

Department of English
On leave


Ph.D., M.Phil., and M.A. English Literature, Columbia University
B.A. English, Yale University

Practice Areas

  • 19th-Century British Literature
  • The Novel and Narrative Theory
  • International Educational

Publications and Media Placements


Vita, P. & Huguet, C. (2016). Unsettling Dickens: Process, Progress and Change. Paris: Sagittaire.

Vita, P., Villa, L., Vescovi, A. (2009). Victorians and Italy: Travel, Literature, Politics, and Art. Parma: Polemetrica.

Book Chapters and Journal Articles

Vita, P. & Bikandi A. (2017). "Spain's Literature of the City." In Tambling, Jeremy (Ed.), The Palgrave Handbook of Literature and the City. Palgrave.

Vita, P. (2014). "'Indignation taking the form of nuts': A Reading of Dickens' Audiences." In Kujawska-Lis, E. (Ed.), Reflections on/of Dickens. Cambridge Scholars Press.

Vita, P. (2014). "Conversation and the Comic Novel: Don Quixote and The Pickwick Papers." In Lennartz, N., Koch, D. (Ed.), Texts, Contexts, Intertextuality: Dickens as a Reader. Göttingen: Van denhoeck & Ruprecht.

Vita, P. (2013). "Revisiting Dickens in Spain." In Coll-Vinent, S., Ortín, M. (Ed.), Dickens en la cultura catalana. La recepció i les traduccions. Barcelona: Punctum.

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Vita, P. (2010). "Undertaking in Italy: Dickens, Dialogism and the Dead." In Hollington, M., Orestano, F. (Ed.), Dickens and Italy. Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Vita, P. (2007). "Cervantes, Borrow, and Bakhtin: Authenticity and Narrative." La Huella Cervantina y del Quijote en la Cultura Anglosajona. Valladolid: Universidad de Valladolid, Centro Buendía.

Vita, P. (2006). "Teaching Wuthering Heights Through Close Reading / Teaching Close Reading Through Wuthering Heights." In Hasseler, T., Lonoff, De Cuevas, S. (Ed.), Approaches to Teaching Wuthering Heights. New York, NY: MLA.

Vita, P. (2003). "Returning the Look: Victorian Writers and the Paris Morgue." Nineteenth-Century Contexts, 25(3), 241-56.

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