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Paul Vita, Ph.D.

Director; Academic Dean
Saint Louis University - Madrid
English Department


Ph.D., M.Phil., and M.A. English Literature, Columbia University
B.A. English, Yale University

Practice Areas

19th-Century British Literature, the Novel and Narrative Theory

Research Interests

Paul Vita's research focuses on nineteenth-century British literature and culture, with strong forays into Dickens. He has co-edited two collections of essays, The Victorians and Italy: Literature, Travel, Politics and Art (2009) and Unsettling Dickens: Process, Progress and Change (2016), and he has published essays on topics ranging from Victorian visitors to the Paris Morgue to parallels between Don Quixote and Pickwick. Dr. Vita is passionate about helping undergraduates with their own writing and their discovery of themselves and the world they live in through the literature courses he teaches: ENGL 2350 Faith, Doubt, and LiteratureENGL 4540 Victorian Fiction, and more. in addition, he leads graduate student seminars, including ENGL 5000 Research Methods and ENGL 6590 Dickens Home and Abroad. Dr. Vita received his Ph.D. from Columbia University in the City of New York in 1998 and joined SLU-Madrid's Department of English in 1999. Dr. Vita is the Campus' Director and Academic Dean

Publications and Media Placements


Vita, P. & Huguet, C. (2016). Unsettling Dickens: Process, Progress and Change. Paris: Sagittaire.

Vita, P., Villa, L., Vescovi, A. (2009). Victorians and Italy: Travel, Literature, Politics, and Art(pp. 375). Parma: Polemetrica.

Book Chapters

Vita, P. & Bikandi A. (2017). "Spain's Literature of the City." In Tambling, Jeremy (Ed.), The Palgrave Handbook of Literature and the City. Palgrave.

Vita, P. (2014). 'Indignation taking the form of nuts': A Reading of Dickens' Audiences. In Kujawska-Lis, E. (Ed.), Reflections on/of Dickens. Cambridge Scholars Press.

Vita, P. (2014). Conversation and the Comic Novel: Don Quixote and The Pickwick Papers. In Lennartz, N., Koch, D. (Ed.), Texts, Contexts, Intertextuality: Dickens as a Reader. Göttingen: Van denhoeck & Ruprecht.

Vita, P. (2013). "Revisiting Dickens in Spain". In Coll-Vinent, S., Ortín, M. (Ed.), Dickens en la cultura catalana. La recepció i les traduccions (pp. 91-110). Barcelona: Punctum.

Galván, F., Vita, P. (2013). The Spanish Dickens: Under Cervantes's Inevitable Shadow. In Hollington, M. (Ed.), The Reception of Charles Dickens in Europe. Continuum.

Vita, P. (2010). Undertaking in Italy: Dickens, Dialogism and the Dead. In Hollington, M., Orestano, F. (Ed.), Dickens and Italy. Cambridge:.

Vita, P. (2007). Cervantes, Borrow, and Bakhtin: Authenticity and Narrative. La Huella Cervantina y del Quijote en la Cultura Anglosajona. Vallodolid: Universidad de Valladolid, Centro Buendía.

Vita, P. (2006). In Hasseler, T., Lonoff De Cuevas, S. (Ed.), Teaching Wuthering Heights Through Close Reading / Teaching Close Reading Through Wuthering Heights. New York, NY: MLA.

Journal Articles

Vita, P. (2003). Returning the Look: Victorian Writers and the Paris Morgue. Nineteenth-Century Contexts, 25(3), 241-56.

Vita, P. (2002). A Loss for Words: Resignation and the Victorian Epitaph. AJVC: Australasian Journal of Victorian Culture, 7, 122-136.

Vita, P. (1999). In Keeping with Modern Views: Publishing Epitaphs in Victorian England. Victorian Review, 25(1), 14-34.