How to Register

Non-SLU Visiting Students

Meet with your home campus advisor! It’s your responsibility to make sure the courses you register for will fulfill your requirements and transfer to your institution. You don't need a PIN to register. However, during the Authentication process, the first time you go to MySLU, you may be asked for one. It's your date of birth (enter in the mm/dd/yyyy format). Also, if you enter a cell phone during Authentication, make sure you have it with you and can use it to receive security codes.

SLU Visiting Students

  • Fall and spring registration: Your Madrid Campus Admissions Counselor at the Study Abroad Office (STL campus) will provide you with your registration PIN, which you will need to register and to make changes (add/drop courses) online.
  • Summer registration: with a PIN that begins with the number 2, you should be able to register as soon as summer registration begins in Madrid (February) instead of having to wait until March, when summer registration opens for the STL campus. If you don't have a 2##### PIN, ask for one by e-mailing the Madrid registrar's office. Provide your Banner ID and the CRNs of the courses you want to add/drop.

All Other Students

Meet with your advisor prior to registration! An advisor meeting hold will be placed on your account, which your advisor will release when you meet.  You will not be able to register until your advisor releases this hold.

To Register

  • Check the Schedule of Classes first, so you'll know the courses you want to register for. Write down the CRNs of those courses.

Log in to Banner with your SLU Net ID and password. Obtain your initial password information here.

  1. Log in to MySLU (
  2. Click on the Tools tab, then on the Banner Self-Service icon. 
  3. Select the Student tab
  4. Click on Registration
  5. Click on Add or Drop Classes
  6. Select the correct Term (spring, summer or fall)
  7. Enter your Alternate PIN (if asked to do so)
  8. Enter the CRNs for the courses you want to take in the boxes and click Submit Changes or click on the Class Search button
  9. If you search, click on Advanced Search, highlight the subject(s) you are interested in, choose Madrid, Spain under Campus, and click Section Search
  10. Select the classes you want and click Register

Follow the same steps to Add/Drop courses.

    To View your Schedule

    1. Under the Student tab, click on Registration
    2. Click on Student Schedule.
    3. Select the correct term.
    4. Click Submit.

    Wait Lists

    If a course is full, you may be able to get wait listed:

    • Permanent students: If there is no other alternative course you can take, your advisor can email the Registrar's Office for you to be wait listed.
    • Visiting students: E-mail the registrar's office. Include your Banner ID and the CRN of the course you want to be wait listed for.

    Students make a lot of changes to their schedules during Add/Drop and if you are wait listed and don't miss your turn to register, chances are you will get into the course. Once wait listed, if you change your mind, it's important for you to drop yourself from the wait list (the same way you drop a course in Banner) to allow other students to register.

    To be sure that you are wait listed, please see your schedule in Banner (, Tools tab > Banner Self-Service > Student > Registration > Student Schedule).

    How it works: when a space opens up and it's your turn to register, you will receive an automatic email in your SLU email account. You will have 24 hours to register online (or if you run into trouble, let the Registrar know immediately so you can be registered within those 24 hours). If you don't, the system deletes you from the WL and the next person is notified until the list is exhausted, at which point the seat becomes available to the general population. You must check your SLU email account daily so that you don't miss your turn to register.

    Once classes begin, you are encouraged to attend a course while wait listed.


    E-mail the registrar's office always including in your e-mail your full name and Banner ID.

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