Schedule of Classes and Rooms

The most updated course information is in Banner. If the meeting times or professors are not specified here, it means the info is yet to be determined. You should search Banner regularly to find information as soon as it becomes available.

If you don't have a Banner account, you may search without logging in here >>

If you already have Banner access:

  1. Log in at
  2. Click on the Tools tab
  3. Click on Banner Self-Service
  4. Click on Student and on Registration
  5. Click on Look Up Classes
  6. Select the Term and click Submit
  7. Click on Advanced Search
  8. Highlight the subjects you are interested in (or all of them to get the complete list of courses offered).
  9. Highlight Madrid, Spain under Campus, and click Section Search. Please make sure you register for courses offered in the Madrid campus only. They have sections that begin with an M, such as M01 and M02 instead of 01 and 02.

Reading Search Results

  1. CRN, Course Reference Number
  2. CMP = Campus
  3. Days: M=Monday, T=Tuesday, W=Wednesday, R=Thursday, F=Friday
  4. CAP, ACT and REM: Cap=Capacity; ACT=Number of Students Enrolled, or Actual, REM=Remaining Seats
    • When REM is 0 or a negative number the course is closed
  5. WL CAP, WL ACT, and WL REM: WL=Waitlist, these indicate the Capacity, Actual, and Remaining Waitlist seats if applicable
  6. XL CAP, XL ACT, and XL REM: XL=Cross-listed, these indicate the Capacity, Actual, and Remaining seats if a course is cross-listed with another section
    • When XL REM is 0 or a negative number the course is closed

Building Codes for classroom locations

  • PAH – Padre Arrupe Hall (Avda. del Valle, 34)
  • PRH – Padre Rubio Hall (Avda. del Valle, 28)
  • SIH – San Ignacio Hall (Calle de las Amapolas, 3)

Schedule of Rooms >>

Campus Map >>

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