Who is My Advisor?

All students will be assigned a primary academic advisor. Additionally, students will be assigned a secondary academic advisor based upon their chosen second major, minor or concentration.

Your academic advisor can be a wonderful asset on campus. You should work closely with him or her to develop your schedule each semester, to plan for the upcoming semesters, to obtain your PIN number for online registration, and for general advice when choosing your major.

Visiting students are welcome to consult with any advisor here, but should also maintain close contact with their home university advisor, especially when choosing and changing classes.

Students with fewer than 59 hours: Desislava Nikolova, M.A.

EXCEPT Science & Engineering Students, who should follow this guide:

Students with more than 59 hours: Jaime Ortiz, M.A.

Additionally, students with more than 59 hours are assigned a faculty advisor:

Arts and Sciences

Business: Marta Moreno, Ph.D., Laura Muro, Ph.D.

Natural Sciences & Engineering

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