Cat Gaa

Admissions Counselor


Phone: +34 91 554 58 58 - Ext.: 271
Fax: +34 91 554 62 02
Office location: Saint Louis University - Madrid Campus. Avenida del Valle, 34

Cat grew up all over the Midwest, eventually settling in Chicago. Studying a joint degree in Journalism and International Studies at the University of Iowa, she spent a summer in Valladolid and moved to Seville, Spain upon graduation to work in the ESL field. She later furthered her studies in communication by earning a degree in Public Relations from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Cat joined the SLU-Madrid team in 2016 as an Admissions Counselor, focusing her efforts on Western Europe.

B.A., Journalism and Mass Communication, International Studies; University of Iowa
M.A., Public Relations, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Q & A with Cat

  • What advice would you offer students during their college search and application processes?
    Never limit yourself. I made this mistake as an undergraduate when looking for study abroad programs and had my heart set on Granada. When my university told me they couldn't accept any of my credits, I was crestfallen and had to expand my idea of a ‘typical' study abroad experience. After asking a lot of questions and exhausting all of my resources, I ended up in Valladolid, and that experience led me to Spain in the long-run!

  • What do you enjoy most about your work as an admissions counselor at Saint Louis University?
    Choosing a university was perhaps the most important decision I've made, and the four years I spent as an undergraduate remain the most fulfilling of my life. Being able to walk students and their families through that process and welcome them to the SLU-Madrid family is gratifying. And coming from the teaching realm, I love working with young people.
  • How did you end up living and working in Madrid?
    I lived in Seville for nearly a decade before deciding that the city simply couldn't offer me what I needed professionally. The opportunity at SLU-Madrid came up as I was finishing a contract, and I'm thrilled to be working in a fast-paced city with an international flair.
  • Where is your favorite spot on or near SLU-Madrid's Campus?
    I live close to campus and enjoy the ‘castizo' or working-class feel of Chamberí and Rios Rosas. It's a local's Madrid, full of cafés, markets and theatres.

  • What is one thing that you always recommend to students and families that they do (entertainment, restaurant, etc.) when they come to visit Madrid?
    Life in Madrid isn't just limited to the big city - there is so much more Spain just a short train ride away! My favorite places near Madrid include practically all of Castilla y León, pockets of unspoiled Extremadura - and Seville is only a few hours away!
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