Kate Brooks

Admissions Counselor

E-mail: kate.brooks@slu.edu

Phone: 314-977-3445
Office location: St. Louis Campus

Originally from St. Louis, Kate Brooks has had many years of international experience, both living abroad and working in the field of education abraod. She lived outside Seville, Spain with her family for nearly three years. While working on her M.A., Kate spent a semester in Geneva, Switzerland. Kate has also taught English in Matsuyama, Japan. She is excited to work as the St. Louis-based counselor for students wishing to study abroad in Madrid.

B.A. in English, Quincy University
B.A. in Spanish, Webster University
M.A. in International Relations, Webster University

Q & A with Kate

  • What advice would you offer students during their study abroad search?
    Students should examine why they want to study abroad. What are their goals? To learn a language? To become immersed in another culture? To complete coursework required for their major? Or have they just always wanted to visit a certain country? Also, students should consult their academic advisors to make sure that study abroad is compatible with their degree program.

  • What do you enjoy most about your work as a study abroad counselor at Saint Louis University?
    My first time abroad was a short-term trip during my junior year in university to Assisi, Italy. It sounds silly but I remember passing by a house and it hit me that someone actually lived in that house – not everyone was a visitor like me. I can't remember the person I was before all of my international experiences! I love working with students before they go abroad and then afterwards to see how going abroad has changed them: if their language skills have improved, if they have gained more confidence, or if they are now eating dinner at 9:00 p.m.!
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