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2017-2018 Academic Year

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(1) After one semester of attendance, Transfer students are classified as Permanent and are charged the Permanent student rate. 
(2) Summer Tuition Confirmation fee is 50 € for Visiting students only.
(3) For SLU Visiting Tuition please see SLU Study Abroad site.
(4) Price for confirmation fee starting Summer 2018 will be 225.00 €.
*Summer rate applies to all undergraduate students. 
Please note that our IT Department sets print quotas at 500 pages per fall/spring term for undergraduates. Additional printing (per 50 pages) can be purchased in the Office of Finance.

Do you need information about Financial Aid? Visit our Scholarships page >>

For Housing Payment information click HERE.

All registered students taking classes for credit are automatically covered by a Sanitas medical insurance policy. Students whose registration consists solely of a 0-credit course have the option to purchase (at 40 € per calendar month) Sanitas coverage through the University. To do so, 0-credit students may contact the Office of Finance at Students in internships should consult insurance guidelines specific to their situation at  this link >>

Undergraduate students enrolled in the fall and/or spring semester who take fewer than 12 credits pay the part-time, per-credit rate. Students taking more than 18 credits pay, in addition to the full-time flat price indicated, the part-time per-credit rate for each credit taken above 18.

A Cafeteria Fee will be assessed to all full-time undergraduate students in fall and spring terms. In exchange, students will be provided a 100 € card for use in our Sodexo The Unity cafeteria. If a student fully withdraws during a particular term, a refund of this fee will only be processed upon the return of their SLU ID with the full unused credit to the Office of Finance withing 3 business days of the withdrawal date. Exceptions will only be made for students have not attended any orientation events or classes.

Graduate students pay on a per-credit basis.

Students who defer their Admission application from a summer semester to fall or spring, will need to make payment for the difference between the confirmation fees of 150 €. In addition, Permanent or Transfer students who enter during a summer semester, will also need to pay this difference.


U.S. citizens, except those with official residency outside the United States, pay the U.S. dollar equivalent of the euro prices given above according to the  dollar/euro exchange rate published in the Wall Street Journal on the dates listed below:

  • For summer 2017 tuition: March 15, 2017
  • For fall 2017 tuition: July 3, 2017
  • For spring 2018 tuition: November 1, 2017

These students receive a bill at their permanent U.S. address from the Saint Louis University-St. Louis Campus. For more information on payment procedures and payment plans, click here >>

For Non-US students, account summary statements for tuition are sent to the students' SLU email, which is how the University officially communicates with students. It is the student's responsibility to forward this information, if necessary, to the person/persons who she/he considers appropriate.

U.S. citizens with permanent residency outside the U.S. who do not apply for U.S. financial aid may pay their tuition fees directly to the Madrid Campus. Please note that students must indicate this on their application forms and provide proof of residency outside the U.S. For these students, Non-US conditions will apply.

Non-US students receive a statement from the Saint Louis University-Madrid Campus and may pay in full by the first day of classes or make payments in installments according to the following table. Please note  that the University assesses a penalty fee of 2% on unpaid balances if payment due dates are not met.

Non-U.S. students may pay at the Office of Finance of the Madrid Campus, by either sending a bank draft made payable to Saint Louis University in Spain, S.A. or transferring funds directly to the wire address given below. Those who choose to transfer funds directly should be sure to specify the name of the student and what the payment is for. We recommend that a copy of the transfer be sent to the Office of Finance by fax (+34 915546202) or by email ( so that the arrival of the transfer can be monitored.

Bank: Santander Central Hispano
Address: Paseo San Francisco de Sales, 35 - 28003 Madrid, Spain
Account: IBAN ES48 0049 5127 1021 1014 7715
Account name: Saint Louis University in Spain, S.A.

Bank handling and exchange fees are automatically deducted from the exchanged value of the payment, at both the overseas bank and their corresponding bank in Spain, before being forwarded to us. You should make allowance for these fees when arranging payment as SLU will credit the student's account with the final value that is received.

Finally, students with bank accounts in Spain may choose to pay by “Domiciliación Bancaria.”  Forms are available in the Office of Finance or you can request one by sending an email to


Students who formally drop any academic course/s within the add/drop period of the fall/spring semester will be eligible for a full refund of the difference in tuition costs. After the add/drop deadlines of each semester, refunds will only apply for full withdrawals from the University that are communicated to the Madrid Campus Office of the Registrar by completing a Change of Registration Form or by email to In which case, the following refund schedule would apply:

Dates are subject to change prior to first day of each semester. Class fees do not include mandatory class-trip fees that must be paid if the student drops after the Add/Drop period.


Any student who is in arrears to the University for either tuition or housing in the course of the semester will be so notified, with the indication that failure to make payment according to an acceptable financial plan jeopardizes the student’s continued enrollment.

Students who are in arrears to the University on the final class day of a given semester for any part of either tuition or housing – and who have not, prior to that date, worked out a detailed financial payment plan that is acceptable to the Office of Finance – will have any registration and housing assignments for the following semester withdrawn.

In order for a student to be able to register or request a housing assignment for the following semester, he/she must have settled all debt to the University or must have worked out a detailed financial plan that is acceptable to the Office of Finance.

Please address any questions to:

Saint Louis University in Spain, S.A.
Office of Finance
Avda. del Valle, 34 - 28003 Madrid
Tel.: +34 915545858 · Fax: +34 915546202

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