News from our Graduates

In this section, we are proud to share with you information about what SLU-Madrid alumni are doing now. We are always eager to receive news from our alumni and encourage all alumni to keep us abreast of what they are up to and where they are currently living.

Please take a moment to send us an email and give us an update or to share some anecdotes about your experience while at the Madrid Campus. Contact:

Communication and Business Administration

Maite Delgado Querol '07 

"I graduated from Saint Louis in 2007 with a double major in Communication and Business Administration, with a concentration in marketing. I spent three years at the Madrid Campus and two at the Saint Louis Campus in St. Louis, Missouri. Then I came back to Spain and got my Masters in Communication and Advertising from ICADE.

While I was still at SLU-Madrid, I interned in the marketing department of a company and in communication agencies, which was a great experience only a school like Saint Louis can offer. 

Studying and working in the US is the best thing I could do as the education is based on practical cases and real-life examples, which help one understand how the professional world will be much more than learning just theory. 

I am currently working as Senior Marketing Executive at El Corte Ingles in Madrid.

Aerospace Engineer

Fernando Abilleira

Fernando Abilleira received his B.S. and M.S. degrees in Aerospace Engineering from Parks College of Saint Louis University in 1999 and 2001 respectively. He started his professional career as a contractor at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and provided mission analysis support to James Webb Space Telescope, Hubble Space Telescope, Solar Dynamics Observatory and ST5 among others. Shortly after, he joined the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory located in Pasadena, CA where he works as a trajectory analyst and Mission Engineer for the Mars Exploration Program Office. He has supported multiple missions and studies such as the Mars Telecommunications Orbiter, Mars Science Orbiter, Mars Netlanders, Mars Sample Return and other advanced studies. 

He is currently Mars 2020 Mission Design & Navigation Manager at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory. He has also published several papers in the areas of Astrodynamics, Orbital Mechanics and Trajectory Optimization. Fernando makes his home in Simi Valley, CA with his wife Sarah and their son, Owen.
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