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I am an athlete, can I train, compete and continue with my studies?

Yes, you can! César Rioja, Sports director will be your Academic Advisor and work out with you and your professors your schedule and workload so you may train and compete as well as continue pursuing your degree. César himself was a professional basketball player and played for the Spanish National team.

Where will I train?

César, Sports Director, will contact your sport's federation in Madrid and work it out so you may train with your sport's "elite" in Madrid. SLU-Madrid has had among its students a Horseback Riding National Champion, professional basketball players, several golf players who became professional players while studying at SLU-Madrid, one European Snowboard Champion, one Formula 3 driver, tennis players and others. 

Do you offer sports scholarships?

Unfortunately, SLU-Madrid cannot give sports scholarships. Due to our size we do not have big teams nor we have adequate facilities, however our SLU-Saint Louis Campus in Missouri, USA offers up to 100% scholarships for sports men and women.

Can I do Study abroad at SLU-Madrid being an athlete at my home University?

Yes, you can! We offer two Summer Sessions that would suit you perfectly and you will be able to take advantage of your time off to do Study Abroad and enhance your intercultural skills, knowledge, resume, travel and continue with your studies without it being a problem for your team and your studies at your home university. We have divers, field track runners, some basketball players, tennis players every year.


Where and when are the tryouts to play in the soccer teams?

Tryouts take place the first and second Friday of the Fall and Spring semesters at a soccer field located at only at 10 minutes walk from our Campus. We will meet tat 2.30 pm in front of PRH Building to go together to the Soccer Field for the tryouts.

When and where do the soccer teams train?

The soccer teams train every Friday afternoon between 3 p.m. - 5 p.m. at the soccer field close to campus.
One soccer team plays every Tuesday night and the other team plays every Wednesday night. The matches are between 8 p.m. and 11 p.m.

What if I do not want to join the soccer team but I want to play soccer for fun?

Every Sunday afternoon between 2 and 4 p.m. at the soccer field close to Campus (Golf Green Canal). There is one field foe male soccer games and one for female soccer.

Where is the soccer field located?

Location: Green Canal. Avenida Filipinas S/N


When are the basketball games?

We play basketball every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday between 3-5 p.m.

Where is the basketball court located?

Location: Polideportivo Triángulo de Oro. C/ Bravo Murillo, 378. Metro: Valdeacederas Station (Line 1)     


How do I choose and join a gym?

SLU-Madrid does not have a gym, however you can go, see and try for free (one day) each of the four gyms located very close to our Campus. These four gyms have special rates for students.


Are there any private or group tennis classes?

SLU offers private lessons and group classes of four students.

How do I book a tennis court just to play with my friends?

If you are interested in just playing against other students, there is an attached document with places to play tennis at any time you want. You will be reimbursed for the use of the tennis court by presenting the ticket to César, SLU-Madrid's Sports Director.


Where can swim?

You can swim during the semester with "Club Natación Cuatro Caminos". This is the link of the club.

When are the Swimming team's training sessions?

When you arrive in Madrid go to the Student Life office and César, SLU-Madrid's Sports Director, will phone the coach of the Swimming Team who will inform you about the days and hours in which you may train according to your class schedule as well.


Where can I horseback ride?

Riding classes are offered in the Club Las Encinas de Boadilla.

What is the price for horseback riding classes?

The price of the class is 15 € + 5.20 € for the bus (round trip). Here is the link to the website.

How can I sign up for horseback riding classes?

César, SLU-Madrid's Sports Director, will phone the director of the horseback riding school and let you know what the horseback riding classes schedule is.


Does the University offer the Scuba Diving course?

SLU-Madrid offer this activity through a licensed scuba diving center where students can get a PADI certificate. The theoretical classes are taught here at the University, the actual diving lessons take place at a swimming pool and to obtain the certificate you will go to the sea in the Mediterranean coast. PADI is an international recognized certificate.

What is the price of this course?

The scuba diving course is 280 €. It includes the theoretical classes and the use of all the equipment for four open water dives. It does not include the lodging and transportation to do the final diving in order to obtain the PADI certificate.

Where does the final dive take place?

In Carboneras NATIONAL PARK CABO DE GATA (Almería, Spain) in the Mediterranean coast.


Where can I go running/jogging?

There are several parks where you can run or jog, like Parque del Retiro. Also, there are running tracks very close to the university. You may contact Cesar in Student life for more information about running tracks in Madrid.

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