An Ongoing Pursuit of Excellence: Faculty Convene at Teaching Summit

In a show of dedication to the craft of teaching, faculty from the SLU-Madrid Arts & Sciences division convened the second annual "Teaching Summit." Even our seasoned in-class instructors benefit from taking a step back and reflecting, with guidance from other similarly dedicated professionals.

The semi-formal presentations were open to all interested faculty and delivered by professors Hamish Binns (Modern Languages), Daniel Chornet, Ph.D. (Communication), Marjory Hutchison (English), and Joan Pedro Carañana, Ph.D. (Communication) with an introduction by Brian M. Goss, Ph.D. (Communication). The topics addressed the faculty's appreciation of the multidimensional contours of professorial performance. Discussion centered on the lived experience of teaching, structuring of time and content in the classroom, cultivating creativity, new media's implications for education and the proper calibration of sensitivity to students. The energetic discourse extended well beyond the scheduled time, speaking to the strength of the faculty's primordial drive to teach.

June 26, 2017
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