Dialogue and Debate with the Dutch

A delegation of 40 Dutch students from Leiden University's Political Science Association visited SLU-Madrid to engage in a day of student-led discussion and debate. Prepared by the SLU-Madrid Human Rights Club, the agenda for the day covered topics such as climate change, the role of media, the nature and development of human rights, nationalism, and education. The leading thread of the discussion was the role of the new generations in shaping tomorrow's future.

The intercultural reality of the event made the discussion unique, with SLU-Madrid students and faculty from Romania, Argentina, Libya, Syria, the United States, France and Spain exchanging ideas with the visiting Dutch students.

Sachi Tan, president of the SLU-Madrid Human Rights Club, believes that this kind of initiative is worthwhile and should be repeated in the future. She mentions, "SLU students and Dutch students were able to gain new insights into the politics of their respective governments, discuss the effects of current issues, and network among fellow political science students."

One of the key goals of Saint Louis University-Madrid Campus is to provide students with a global view. Intercultural interactions on campus help foster the kind of understanding that opens the lines of communication across cultures and helps us work toward the common good.

February 12, 2018
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