Diving in for an Underwater Lab

Oceanography students ventured into the depths of the Mediterranean Sea for a scuba diving lab at Cabo de Palos, one of Europe's top sites. There, they examined the underwater marine life and the geological formations they learn about in Drs. Mónica Pérez-Bedmar and Olaya García's Introduction to Oceanography courses. Dr. Pérez-Bedmar has been taking groups of students to the coast for nearly a decade.   

Other activities included a live fish auction and a paddleboarding expedition in the Mar Menor, a salty lagoon separated from the Mediterranean Sea by a 22 kilometer sandbar. Students also visited the aquarium in Santa Pola, Alicante and Arqua (submarine archaeology) and the Naval Museum in Cartagena.  

Tisha Soliven, a first-year SLU-Madrid student from Manila, Philippines, comments, "The field trip to Murcia exceeded all my expectations. It was an amazing way for all of us Oceanography students to learn beyond the four walls of the classroom and to integrate class-based lessons to the real world in a fun way. We went scuba-diving, paddle-boarded, explored museums and had free time in between to relax and sunbathe! It was such a memorable college experience." 

Every semester, SLU-Madrid faculty organize trips as an integral, experiential part of the courses they teach. As examples, students taking Earth Science: Solid Earth (Volcanoes of Spain) travel to the volcanic island of Lanzarote while students in Early Shakespeare travel to London to tour the Globe Theatre and attend two Shakespeare plays.

October 31, 2017
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