Fourth Annual White Coat Ceremony

Nursing students celebrated their transition from the classroom to clinical practice at the fourth annual "White Coat Ceremony." Nursing Professor and Clinical Coordinator Diana Llamas, BSN, RN, presented each student with a white lab coat, a symbol of the health care profession. The act confirmed the students' commitment to the noble profession of nursing and to the mission of the School of Nursing: promoting quality health care of individuals, families and communities to alleviate ignorance, poverty, injustice and hunger. 

Victoria Gómez Limontes, a medical resident at the Hospital Virgen de la Concha in Zamora delivered the keynote speech. "Nursing has meant a lot to me and has delivered a lot, about how to treat patients, how to deal with them in different situations...the good thing about nursing is that it takes care of the patient as a whole. Nurses take care of not only the patient who is ill, but his surroundings, the family, and his job, keeping in mind that illness doesn't define who the patient is." 

Teri A. Murray, Ph.D., Dean of the School of Nursing and Margaret Bultas, Ph.D. Coordinator of the Traditional BSN Program in Nursing connected via Fuze from the St. Louis Campus for the event. Joanne Langan, Ph.D., Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education & Pre-Licensure Programs in Nursing spoke to the students in a specially prepared video message and student speaker Sidney Smith ('20) addressed her classmates. Also participating in the event were Tania de la Fuente, Ph.D., SLU-Madrid Director of Health Science Programs, who offered an introduction, as well as SLU-Madrid nursing faculty Jane Billinghurst, MSN, Anya Hillery, Ph.D., and Heather Sañudo, MSN, who ceremoniously cloaked the students with their white coats. SLU-Madrid Director and Academic Dean, Dr. Paul Vita, concluded the event with words of tribute.

The following 29 students were honored at the ceremony:

Mackenzie Bednarek
Kennedy Bell
Bhavini Bhakta
Ella Brennan
Janelle Carballido
Danielle Cox
Jack Curtis
Molly Dineen
Savannah Edwards
Mary Franko
Emily Fredian
Anne Gallicho
Katherine Gittings
Sabrina Gomez
Karalynn Hanke
Sara Hattemar
Daria Hauber
Rachel Heafner
Elizabeth Kruse
Eryn Lammert
Jessica Landrum
Elizabeth O'Neill
Mikayla Phillips
Yen Quach
Sidney Smith
Kaylee Starks
Anna Strake
Katherine Tang
Lydia Tsikalas

November 30, 2017
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